Coles delivers customer favourites in the latest 'Down Down' spot via Big Red, Melbourne

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 12.02.07 PM.jpgIn the latest 'Down Down' campaign via Big Red, legendary rock band Status Quo return with their unique version of 'Whatever you Want.'

Popular brands including Old El Paso, Vegemite, Milo and Kellogg's Cornflakes receive their own version of the song in the new TVC.

Says Coles Merchandise Director, John Durkan: "Australian customers want lower prices, but do not want to sacrifice their favourite big brands. It has been fantastic to work with these great suppliers, who like us are looking to deliver even more value to Australian customers every day."


Creative: Big Red | Print: Whippet | Media: MBThree


Down Down said:

Just when you hoped it was over.

There is most certainly a special place in Hell reserved for everyone involved with this campaign.

That being said, it is simultaneously the singularly most irritating commercial on Australian television and to its undying discredit, the most recognised.

To borrow and slightly adapt the words of the great American circus showman P.T. Barnum, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the (Australian) public.

But, hey, have you heard? Prices are down.

-G said:

Make it stop.

Consumer said:

A continued reason to shop at Safeway/woolworths.
Choice at Coles - me not think so. Bacon section - no Don's smallgoods. All home brand.
Utter crap advertising.

Groucho said:

If I had known Ted was going to come and crap in my lounge with this excrement I would have taken a dump in his restaurant when I had the chance (in those days after lunch anything was possible)

Eric said:

Woolworths...I can't hear you.

Shay Monyuall said:

I am embarrassed to be human.

mother f said:

Thank you Mr Ted for driving Woolworths prices down

Go Ted! said:

Don't blame Ted.
He's making a buck like everyone here.
See whether you can still find your mojo (geddit?) when you are his age.
Or even half his.
All you need are three chords and a customer promise.
If you hate it and think you can do better, try taking the account off him.

Lowered the bar said:

This shits growing on me - between this and the little red quote, I'm starting to believe.

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