Crust Gourmet Pizza offers to 'Feed your Senses' in latest campaign via Freeform, Melbourne

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 2.16.43 PM.jpgCrust Gourmet Pizza has launched 'Feed your Senses', a new campaign spearheaded by a 30 second cinema spot and integrated campaign via Freeform, Melbourne.

It's also the first time Crust has created a national brand campaign.

Outdoor sample 1.jpgSays Nicholas Brill, marketing manager for Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars: "There were three objectives for the campaign; to lift brand awareness, secure our position at the premium end of the category, and highlight the superior nature of our product.

"Freeform pulled the campaign together under intense timeframe pressures and high expectations and I am delighted with the Outdoor sample 2.jpgway the work has turned out."

Says Richard Overall, Freeform's creative director: "The challenge was to create a flavour message in a category awash with look-alike ads talking taste, taste and taste.

"The idea of feeding your senses (beyond just taste) was a great creative springboard. We also wanted an ownable execution which came directly from the product, which also gave us flexibility in our messaging. The pizza slice was the perfect solution. It allows us to talk about specific support points, such as the ingredients and Crust's flavour combinations."

Client: Crust Gourmet Pizza
Marketing Manager - Nicholas Brill
Assistant Brand Marketing Manager - Simon Stewart
Creative: Freeform
Creative Director - Richard Overall
Art Director - Tim Haynes
Designer - Tyson Sheean
Writer - Richard Overall
Group Account Director - Camey O'Keefe
Account Director - Sara Eichmann
Music and Radio Production - Final Sound
Post production - Chris Reynolds
Photography - Adrian Lander
Illustration - Luke Lucas
Media: Initiative
Strategy Director - Stephen Fisher
Business Director - Aaron Farrelly


Angus said:

Wow. That's appalling.

Richard Overall said:

Thanks for your insightful feedback Angus. Appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to contribute.

Hmmm said:

Nice one. I remember my first iMove project too.

Other Angus said:

Haynsie like the art direction on the print. Nice one.
Trust the fish are still biting champ. All the best, Gusso.

Angus said:

Pleasure, Richard.

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