Defence Force Recruiting launches new 'Anytime. Anywhere' interactive brand film for the Air Force via George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

InteractiveFilm2.jpgCB Exclusive: GPY&R and Defence Force Recruiting have created a new Air Force brand campaign in the form of an interactive film called 'Anytime. Anywhere'.
The story follows a full-scale mission scramble, which seamlessly changes time and place, while showcasing everything the Air Force has to offer. But it's online where users can delve deeper into the Air Force than ever before.

InteractiveFilm1.jpgThe interactive version allows users to click on any item of interest and uncover hidden content. Some of the items that can be found include 3D renders of aircraft, in scene interviews with personnel, job role information and live updates from serving men and women. Even the temperature of the tarmac and names of the military dogs are available.
Says Ben Coulson, chief creative officer of Y&R Australia/New Zealand: "Anytime. Anywhere is a brilliant example of where I think we are headed with film interaction. It genuinely amazes me that we can now make glossy brand ads that carry all the information of a complete campaign, can include hundreds of bespoke experiences and have limitless personalised calls to action. While this kind of project is mind bogglingly complex to execute, it's a really exciting skill set for the agency to master."
Says Kate Mathias, Air Force marketing manager: "Anytime. Anywhere not only continues to communicate that the Air Force is more than just pilots, but combines our brand message and recruitment process into one very entertaining, highly polished experience."
Says Matt Farrugia, George Patterson Y&R digital director: "The user experience needed to be simple, fluid and highly engaging; and with so much content, the platform weaves together a complex content matrix with each of the 145 hotspots being motion tracked in all 1500 frames of the film."

TV and Cinema Live Date: Sunday 19th May
Microsite: April 2013

Client: Defence Force Recruiting
Product: Air Force
Air Force Marketing Manager: Kate Mathias
Air Force Senior Marketing Officer: Tim Bowden
Agency: GPY&R Melbourne
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Coulson
Creative Director: Chris Northam
Art Director: Nicholas Sellars
Copywriter: Evan Roberts
Art Director: Paul Meates
Producer: Luisa Peters
Head of Digital: Matt Farrugia
Digital Producer: Jess Krt
Designer: Kota Matsuda
Lead Developer: John Wisolith
UX: Luke Tellefson
Director of Planning:  Tom Ward / Mike Hyde
Client Service Director: Julian Bell
Account Director: Alice Mason
Senior Account Manager: Sally Borda
Production company:  Prodigy
Director: Dael Oates
Production Co Producer: Serena Paull
Editor: Adam Wills
Post Production: Fin Design
Sound production: Paul Baxter, Risk Sound
Music:  Dmitri Golovko


Dude said:

Not bad. And they already have their award video done. Convenient!

Awh Yeah said:

Wow, that's freak'n rad!

Beav said:


yeah, said:

that's really good.

Dave D said:

Super slick stuff, well done.

Fucked if we could make anything like that here.

Tie Nieballs said:


Someone said:


good stuff said:

Its well polished - I like it

Ed said:

Medium idea, heavy production, super extra heavy duty tech!

Patts are gett'n real good at interactive.

Paul T said:

Super slick!

Wow said:

Just wow!

Dont work there. Just like it. said:

That's really great work by everyone. Including the client. Well done.

Jack Russell said:

I feel like the content is the vehicle for showcasing the technology, not vice versa. In saying that, it's very slick and polished, but it doesn't engage me like Mobile Medic or the airfield thing did.

Top Gun said:

Fancy - I like.

well done said:

now thats epic.

that is seriously slick, i could help but keep clicking everywhere. nice work. again.

me said:


just ok said:


Nike already did this sort of stuff a couple of years ago.
It is just technique. heavy on that light on idea

Pete said:

Just did it 9 times, completely different each time, there are hundreds of things to do inside the film, it's pretty damn impressive.

Great user experience, runs beautifully and the nev is super sexy..

All in all a very classy effort. I'd say it's by far the new standard in interactive film.

Hells Yes said:

That is freak'n awesome.

Just tried it out and it is the real deal. Actions are fluid, design is intuative and beautifully fluid, and there's a tonne of stuff to do, in-fact everything in the film is clickable- unlike the Nike thing and a few others.

Top shelf.

Paul A said:


Murray said:

Very Very Good.

Pete said:

Yep, it's a technique.
But it's a fantastic technique for this specific purpose and it's amazingly done.
For me, that makes it a really successful communication.

Stu said:

Amazing. Hats off guys.

marv said:

If you are bagging this you need your head read. F-ing amazing and the best thing out of Australia in forever. Nice one Snortho.

Adam said:

That is impressive stuff. Brilliantly done.

Great Interactive said:

Yet, the performance & overall filmmaking is really very average....

Bradley said:

Have just seen the ad for third time and it is without doubt the best ad for the Australian forces that have come out in a while.

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