Digital Chameleon announces public release of its new e-learning course 'Marketing Your App'

Digital Chameleon logo.jpgDigital media and marketing learning company, Digital Chameleon, has today announced the public release of its latest e-learning course, Marketing Your App.
Says Patty Keegan, managing director of Digital Chameleon: "Branded apps are a new part of the marketing arsenal, but not many marketers know how to take full advantage of them.  We developed this course as a quick way for marketers to ramp up their practical knowledge in terms of how the app stores work, app discovery, and best practice for optimisation and performance measurement."
This online course is designed to help brand marketers understand the basics of promoting their mobile applications. Brands are increasingly developing apps as a component of their marketing strategies in order to grow awareness, seek engagement and gain direct sales.  This courseware has been designed to help marketers showcase their branded apps, with a focus on such areas as: setting app strategy goals, a review of app store elements and best practices for ASO (app store optimisation), understanding the app discovery process and learning about the metrics used to monitor app performance.

Marketing your App is part of Digital Chameleon's Accelerate Brand Publishing course but can be accessed separately. The module is interactive, includes narration, video and mini-quizzes and can be accessed via a standard internet connection. The course takes approximately an hour to complete and includes a glossary as well as a Resource Bank that contains relevant documents and links.
The course is recommended for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of app marketing.

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