Greenpeace targets Coca-Cola in new blitz via Republic of Everyone: 'Stop trashing Australia'

StopTrashing.jpgOn the eve of Coca-Cola Amatil's AGM, Greenpeace, via Republic of Everyone, Sydney,  has launched a television spot -  directed by Sandy Widyanata at Film Construction - skewering the beverage giant's efforts to sabotage a national 'cash for containers' scheme.

Says Reece Turner, senior campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific: "Coca-Cola has relentlessly bullied politicians, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars silencing recycling advocates and taken the Northern Territory (NT) Government to court to crush the Territory's community-supported scheme.

"Behind Coke's slogans and sunshine, the beverage giant is trashing Australia."

The crowd-funded ad also seeks to encourage Australians to tell State Premiers to stand up for the environment by supporting a national 'cash for containers' scheme.

Says Turner: "Coke's efforts to crush this scheme are brazen and damaging to the environment. State premiers must stand up to Coke's bullying by making their support for an effective 'cash for containers' scheme loud and clear.

"With the support of Australians who want to see the health of our waterways and wildlife put ahead of corporate arrogance, we aim to get this advertisement on television screens across the country."

Australians use between 13-14 billion drinks containers a year and Clean Up Australia estimates that 45% of the rubbish collected every Clean Up Australia Day is beverage industry-related. The waste is particularly devastating for Australian marine birds. Scientists say two-thirds are affected by plastic, either becoming entangled, or mistaking it for food.

Says Turner: "Wildlife is needlessly dying with seabirds literally starving on a full stomach. The benefits of recycling refund schemes are well known and we hope people will agree - further delay can't be stomached."


me said:

fuck yeah!

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agency? who shot it?

Alex said:

Very nice work. I got goosebumps.

NICE said:

Nice work, Sandy! Very well done.

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