Online energy retailer Click Energy launches new campaign via Melbourne creative studio - Yoke

Click.jpgOnline energy retailer Click Energy has just launched a new campaign from Melbourne creative studio Yoke.

Highlighting Click Energy's position as Australia's only 100% online energy retailer, the campaign includes a 30 sec spot for online and cinema, press, outdoor, online, direct mail as well as social media activity.

1-ClickEnergy-Fashion.jpgSays Pieter Double, Click Energy's general manager, marketing: "With email only bills, online payment, signs ups and our new online energy monitoring tool 'Ask Fred', Click Energy has always pushed our status as an online energy retailer.

"Most people agree that if you want to get something for less these days, then you're probably best looking online. The new campaign really just looks to apply that kind of thinking to how you find your energy supplier."

Client: Click Energy
General Manager, Marketing: Pieter Double
Marketing Coordinator: Mallory Martel
Creative Studio: Yoke
Creative Director:
Richie Meldrum
Art Direction and
2-ClickEnergy-Books.jpgDesign: Renée Martin
Still Photography: Lynton Crabb
Director: Lynton Crabb/ Greg Elms
Camera Operator: Matt Harding
Production: Burning House
Audio: Monkeesee
Music: Travis Marke



Loaded said:

Everyone knows you cant build a strategy on price! Yoke studios I believe your strength is in design!?!?!?!

Rob Brydan said:

There is a tiny glimpse of an idea in here...pity about the awful TV production........ client must have run out of money or done by an agency with no production experience.

Capt Snooze said:


Rob Brydan said:

Hey Loaded

Can't build a strategy on price?.... So Coles, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi , K Mart, Super Cheap Auto, A Mart etc have got it all wrong?

Reloaded said:

Have you switched to Click?... you seem to know the budget market inside out. Good for you.

Same old story said:

Same old Yoke.

Jack all strategy, less than average production.

C'mon guys!

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