Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney and Heckler's 'The First Taste' short film a success at TEDx Sydney

TEDx_olives 1.jpgIn what has rapidly become one of the most endearing moments of TEDx 2013, a charming short film by Saatchi & Saatchi and Heckler, The First Taste, has stolen the hearts and palates of the event attendees as well as a wider digital audience.

Designed as an interstitial mind cleanser between speakers, a conference sorbet if you will, the two and a half minute film, one of several deployed during the program, depicts a group of young children tasting for the first time an unusual food - gherkins, Vegemite, anchovies etc.

TEDx_olives 2.jpgSaatchi & Saatchi creative director Matt Gilmour also directed the film and said the genesis of the idea had been twofold.

Says Gilmour: "We were inspired initially by the food component in this year's conference. The idea that any delegate could contribute homegrown produce TEDx_olives 3.jpgto be prepared by Aria Catering was an intriguing one."

However, it was the CD's two-year old daughter who clinched the deal.

Says Gilmour: "Watching her reminded me of that visceral, utterly natural, way that kids react to a new taste. It's unlike adults who are more considered in their responses. Children are so pure in their reactions and they are often charmingly so. The next challenge was how to translate that into something beautiful in a film context."

For post-production house Heckler it was a very special project and one they understood intrinsically. Will Alexander, Heckler executive producer said it had been a wonderful opportunity.

Says Alexander: "We were excited to collaborate with Saatchi's on this. It was also a pleasure to work with Hugh Miller (DOP) on such an incredibly sweet piece of film. Every single person on this crew gave their all, and more."

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Production company: Heckler Pty Ltd
Director/CD: Matt Gilmour
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Agency ECD: Damon Stapleton
Agency Producer: Llew Griffiths
Producer: Bonnie Law
Director of Photography: Hugh Miller
Editor: Andrew Holmes
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
Production Manager; Louisa Eagleton
Production Assistant/Runner: Harry Milas
Camera Operator: Simon Wellink
Focus Puller: Gerard Maher
Gaffer: Andy Robertson
Best Boy: Roger Scott
Grip: Martin Fargher
Nurse:  Maryann Orr
Hair/Makeup: Tina Hessell
Catering: Chefs in Motion
Cast: Thomas, Grace, Poppy, Sebastian, Rose, Alfie, Miela


Gold said:


Tongue cheek said:

Hugh is such an incredibly untalented DOP, and an absolute arse to work with on a shoot. I recommend not hiring him so he's available for every shoot I do.

Brilliant piece of film and well done to all involved.

Tongue Cheek said:

Tongue Cheek, I have also heard he has a secret dungeon in which he keeps creatives. Let's go check it out some day.

Nice work Hugh and the team.

Josh said:

awesome, guys - well done

Just saw this... said:

Nice one Matt!

Hosuewife said:

Really like it. Nice one Matt G

Hamburgler said:

Can I put a McDonald's logo at the end please!

touching said:

The lemon is pure class. I even felt myself wince.

Christoph said:

Great video! And I absolutely dig the soundtrack ...

kaye said:

thank you.
a mind-cleanser, indeed!
and the music? why no credits? where can i get more?
please post on this page, i shall look again.
more, please!

Inga Le said:

Can someone tell me who did the music?

Kate said:

Music - Earthspan Panoramic by Paul Mottram

FredBear said:

Can you please tell me the name of the music you used for this magnificent production; First Taste that is.
Thank you.

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