Strike Bowling launches 'Unexpect the Expected' campaign with new cinema spot via Loud&Clear

Strike-Bowling.jpgStrike Bowling's new campaign, 'Unexpect the Expected' rolls out this month with a new commercial titled 'The Space Between' running on catch up TV and Cinema.

The commercial, created by Loud&Clear Creative, Melbourne, provides an ultra slow­mo and very unique look at "a night out", with bizarre, highly stylised footage matched with soaring operatic music, and an unusual French accent.

Says Loud&Clear creative director Keith Walsh: "We are really excited to bring this ad to life. Over the past 4 years with Strike we have helped to build a brand that has earned the right to make an ad like this. To get noticed in advertising demands a little bravery, and Strike have shown a commitment to being bold, and having a unique voice' that's equal parts irreverent, and elegant."

Directed by Jordan Prosser, the commercial has been created for cinema audiences. Says Prosser: "Audiences today are incredibly aware of how a brand perceives itself ­ making a brand ad like 'The Space Between' is the perfect opportunity to show off the adventurous, playful nature of Strike as a brand and as a destination, whilst still portraying the core activities that define Strike as a venue.

"Knowing that the ad would be playing in cinemas meant we could have fun with a lot of old stereotypes; the cheesy French voice­over, the 'Fin' endboard, lots of arthouse symbolism, and of course, the extreme slow­motion. We shot it all on the Phantom and RED Camera systems, anywhere between 200 and 1500 frames per second. There's no way it's not going to be noticed playing in cinemas."

Client: Strike Bowling
Agency: Loud&Clear
Production: Aelion Studios
Creative Director: Keith Walsh
Director: Jordan Prosser
Producers: Joel Beath and Steve Jablonski
DoP: Mark Morri

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