Vero Insurance launches new Brisbane Lions sponsorship in new campaign via gho Sydney

Vero_player_ratings.jpgVero Insurance has launched a new integrated campaign in support of its new major sponsorship of the Brisbane Lions via gho Sydney.
Says Gabriele McDonald, Vero executive manager: "The Brisbane Lions are all about measuring performance and setting benchmarks in order to improve. So is Vero. That's why the sponsorship is such a good match."

Vero1.jpgVero's creative agency gho looked to leverage the sponsorship in a way that emphasised the performance measurement aspect and not simply settle for 'success' in terms of awareness.
Says Mark Ashley-Wilson,gho digital director: "Many sponsorships fall into the passive category where the company logo appearing on the jersey represents job done. We looked to make every aspect of the campaign demonstrate 'performance measures' not just talk about it.
"We worked with Starcom to find innovative ways to bring the campaign to life and negotiated a completely new asset called 'AFL Official Player Ratings, brought to you by Vero.' Launched on Friday, May 9, the ratings are the result of the most detailed and wide-ranging statistical system ever devised for AFL footy. Official AFL Player ratings will allow fans to determine where more than 650 listed players rank against each other. It's a pretty sophisticated development and demonstrates real brand integration."
Says Amy Champion, gho senior account director: "The television commercials featuring the Brisbane Lions were filmed in the heart of the Brisbane CBD to demonstrate how business and sport intersect and how they both use performance measures to power results. It all wraps up to a very focused message for Vero."

Client: Vero
Gabriele McDonald, Vero Executive Manager.
Craig Ouston, Vero Brand Specialist.
Chris Beresford, Vero Marketing Manager.
Agency: gho
Murray Redwood, Creative Director.
Jason A. Joe, Creative Group Head.
Mark Ashley-Wilson, Digital Director.
Ryan Chao, Digital Designer.
Amy Champion, Senior Account Director.
Mandy Payne, Producer.
Exit Films
Grantley Smith, Director.
John Sandow, Producer.

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