Nescafé Blend 43 returns to Australian screens in a new TV and cinema campaign via Publicis Mojo

RedCup.jpgThe Nescafé Blend 43 iconic red cup makes an emotional return to screens proving a simple connection over a cup of coffee is just as relevant today as ever before via Publicis Mojo.

The new TV/cinema spot brings to life the brand's heritage of connection through the story of a father and daughter who are transported back in time, reminiscing over fond memories of their relationship, over a cup of Nescafé Blend 43.

Camille Meylan, head of marketing for beverages at Nestlé: "It's easy to forget, with our obsession with social media and technology, the value of a simple, human connection. Catching up over a cup of Nescafé Blend 43 is an Australian institution and just as relevant and powerful today, perhaps more so. It was important to recapture the essence of the brand and the reason why it is so loved as a market leader."

It's the first time since 2008 that a dedicated Nescafé Blend 43 campaign has aired and with over 13 million cups of Nescafé Blend 43 enjoyed by Australians last year (Nielsen Scan Data FY 2012), the job of showing the brand's role in families' lives today was an important one for the team.

Says Joe Pollard, Publicis Mojo CEO: "Nescafé Blend 43 and the distinctive red cup has been loved for generations. It made sense for us to show the connections the brand has helped foster between these generations, to tug at the heartstrings and reignite the love affair. We worked hard to find Mark Wilkinson, a local Australian musician, to record a bespoke piece for us to enhance the overall story."

Nestlé and Zenith Optimedia have also negotiated an Australian media first, whereby Blend 43's aroma will be released into the theatre during select screenings of the brand's new commercial in Sydney and Melbourne. During select screenings in Sydney and Melbourne, the aroma of Nescafé Blend 43 will be released into the theatre during the screening of the brand's new commercial.

The TV campaign launched on Sunday 23 June and the Val Morgan cinema smell activation will appear in Sydney and Melbourne throughout July along with a standard cinema plan around the country.

Creative Director - Michael Dole
Creative Director - Ian Williamson
Copywriter - Oskar Westerdal
Art Director - Sam Pemberton
Executive Producer Mojo Motion - Brendan Thomas
Team Leader - Steve Anastasiadis
Planning Director - Emily Taylor
Senior Account Manager - Monique Goshn
Agency Producer - Jasmin Helliar & Kilou Picard
Production Company - The Feds
Director - Ben Lawrence
Producer - Mel Weinman
Sound - Rafael May Music

Chief Strategy Officer: Nicole Milward
Strategy Director: Sean Cannon
Business Director: Terrie Severino


d said:

Nothing happened!!!!
there is more right?

The Truth... said:

As usual fantastic work from Mojo (heavy slice of sarcasm). It's hard to believe this agency swept the Awards two years ago. And why PR this on CB? Shows a complete lack of judgement regarding creative excellence from their CEO. No surprise there's no quotes from their creatives. Poor Grant has a massive job ahead of him to rebuild this place.

Blend 00 said:

Nescafe, no es cafe.

Razor said:

Doesn't make sense. Is he hallucinating?
Obviously nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

reg said:

Love it. After all the Cannes, dumb ways to die and small world machines, we get back to reality- pure shite.

Flasher said:

It starts with a New Idea right?

Lt Colonel Kilgore said:

You smell that? Napalm. I love the smell of Napalm in the morning....

Watch out for it said:

I have a real stinker coming out soon too, but I am going to be fighting to get my name off it.

Sniff said:

I smell something, and it aint coffee.

Hmmm said:

I'm not sure the role of the brand is at all clear.

The key consumption moment is also troubling. Are we really expecting consumers to comprehend that they're actually consuming and subsequently reacting in a positive fashion with this incredibly brief, "creative" sequence?

I wouldn't be surprised if Mojo find themselves on the receiving end of some pretty tough questions once the dust settles on this one.

ANDY said:

It use to be that good work everybody wanted their name on it.
Mojo the game changer.

Jimmy the Nose said:


Nothing to see here said:

Anyone watching this would be confused. Fortunately, no one will. If they research this, it will have the lowest cut-through ever.

Djardi said:

Love the way the daughter is played by Aboriginal actress Shari Sebbens, as it mainsteams Aboriginal people! Well done!

Murkat01 said:

I was confused when watching this ad, the message doesn't really come off well. Is it nostalgia, is they remembering old times? Are they husband and wife, or father and daughter. 'Hold on for one more year', what ... is he gonna die? Sorry, message lost on me, only when I read about this ad, does it make more sense.


.....McCann's ripped off the the style of the famous 'OXO Family' campaign from the UK for Nescafe' - warm and fuzzy emotional content that raised questions, with open-ended resolutions, leaving consumers breathless for more - and this is a clear nod towards that strategic platform, again.

Just not sure what worked in 1987, will work as well now and as a production of that style, this has little of what the current Lurpak work is drenched in.


BJ said:

All you nasty adland people are so funny. I just watched the ad and googled to see who created it. I think it's great. Particularly the song by Mark Wilkinson.

lil browne said:

love the ad. had to google it to find out whothe song was by. cant get the tune out of my head. makes me want to call my mum for a cuppa!

peter said:

what about the song? who wrote it?... who performed it?... shag the action the emotion is the music....... Am I on my own here ???????

Lou said:

I'm with Peter, what is the name of the song and who sings it?

sharon said:

Can someone please tell me what the song is called and who sang it. It's great

EJ said:

Song "Middle Ground" by Mark Wilkinson

Sharon said:

Thanks for your help EJ.

Mandy said:

I just watched this ad for the first time in NZ and loved the song in the background. Hope I can download on iTunes. However, until I read this article I was confused as to whether the older female was his wife or daughter, and certainly had no idea they were reminiscing, so even more confused when a different little girl appears at the end an there's no painting mess.

Flossylil said:

Thanks Nescafe...without your great ad campaign I would have missed a super Australian....and for those who don't get the ad, you have never known what it is to go through troubled times and have just one thing that brings you back home...Nescafe gets it!!!!

Sandy said:

Thanks Nescafe.... I think a lot of people are just not using their imagination. I love the add, song, story and I think the Man portraying the Dad looks the part in everyway a loving Husband, Father & Grandfather who is taking time out to catch up with two special people in his life (Daughter and Granddaughter) Looking forward to the next part of the story. Bye the way I love Nescafe!! Thanks Sandy. :)

stirls said:

Great ad.

Can someone tell me who the singer is in the ad.

Anonymous said:

Love the ad and the music - still no explanation who the little girl who comes running and the older girl puts her arm around her

Louise said:

Who is the woman actress? Looks familiar?

JoeD said:

I absolutely hate this ad. I agree with a previous comments by Murkat01 - I didn't get it until I went to this site to express my utter dislike for it. It really gets hammered on all outlets late at night and I have to mute it or change channels. I also wondered what the relationship is/was - an old man with young girl and their daughter??? Who could tell??? It sure doesn't make me want whatever tea/coffee it is!!

Hatit said:

Dreadful ad. Very confusing. What's the relationship? I turn it off every time!

Gerty said:

Who is the male actor, I have seen him before,maybe in a show?

Lyn Findlay said:

Lovely classy ad. Could you please let me know if the mature gentleman in the blue shirt is Dave Pearson who I lost touch with years ago. If not, he has a double. Thanking you in anticipation. Lyn Findlay

MCaffee said:

I think the ad is beautiful - simple and clear.... The only confusing thing is the number of people who don't get it !

becmat said:

Strange ad. Listening to the words I presumed they had suffered a loss (where is the mans wife) and were trying to get through their grief. It actually stresses me when it's on as I have suffered major loss in my family.

JDS said:

I absolutely love this advert. It - it is so evocative and the background lyrics are marvellous. Its a classy advert and not something the average viewer is used to - hence the adverse comments.

DB said:

Is the daughter contemplating her Dad.. who is getting older... hold on for just one more year... cos he is getting old and about to die. Seems so dark/black... because Dad really doesn't look that old. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Whisper of Truth said:

What's the song called?

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