New 'Busted!' web app launch set to catch ad industry with its pants down at Cannes this year

Busted.jpgThe Cannes Advertising Festival is where the world's best advertisers come to celebrate creativity - often in excess. Between the back patting, yacht parties, beach bodies, and exotic overindulgences, the festival is ripe for scandal. "What happens in Cannes," they say, "stays in Cannes." Not this year.

A new web app, Busted at Cannes, is poised to shed light on all the lurid details that were once kept nice and discreet.

Saw client and account exec getting freaky on the party barge? Witnessed recruiters canoodling with escorts on the client's dime? Caught a famous ECD with his hand in the coca jar? Here's your chance to share the scandal with everyone.

And if you're unable to catch anyone with their pants down, don't worry. Busted lets you doctor any photo with convenient "evidence" such as bondage attire, narcotics, and a few more surprises, to help you "prove" just how depraved your target is.
To start exposing the debauchery, visit Then choose from the list of probable offenders, including jury chair members, digital prophets, and media. Busted will even show you where they, and their dirty deeds, can be found.
People can vote on your busts to help you earn a place on the Busted Leaderboard, where the top narc could earn a trip to the next big ad festival - this time as a target.

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