Cannes Lions 60th anniversary documentary released - produced by Jack Morton Worldwide

CannesThroughTheLineCB.jpgLions Festivals, the organisers of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, has recently released a documentary which celebrates its 60th anniversary via global brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide.

The film is designed to capture the unique experience that is Cannes Lions and what it means for the global creative community when it comes together for this brief but intense period.  The festival is renowned for attracting some of the world's most respected and celebrated creative minds and in this, its 60th anniversary year it is particularly expected to do so.

Says Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals: "Cannes Lions has an enormously far-reaching significance to the creative world. It is just one week, but for those involved it's an emotional and transformational journey that truly shapes the global creative industry. We are very excited about capturing this essence within the film."
Says Adam Norris, director of Moving Image, EMEA, Jack Morton Worldwide: "Cannes Lions is far more than an industry event; it's the key gathering of creative minds from across the globe.   Creating the documentary is a singular opportunity to shine a light on this world and reveal what makes Cannes unique."


Eric McCann said:

Favourite part of this year's Cannes -

That John Mescall doesn't feature on Campaign Brief's top CDs or top creatives.

A fair reflection of CBs relevance to the world of actual advertising.

good point said:

However the list on Lynchy's blog is just made up from BestAds.

If you don;t put yourself up that website then you dont make the list.

There are quite a few others that spring to mind that don't feature.

And who is on top, what ranking etc is a source of amusement for me.

the other thing said:

Is the ranking of agencies.
If you drew up a list of your top ten - would they match the top ten from best ads?

Maybe said:

Instead of being 'amused' you could do some better work, chuck it on bestads and get on the list. Or you could of course continue to save your witty comments for the blog and just observe the industry through poo coloured glasses. Your call.

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