European teaser of Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: A HTML5 multi-device challenge via Biborg

acbf-interactive-trailer.jpgIn preparation of the launch of one of the five most expected games of the year: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, the agency Biborg has been once again selected by Ubisoft to achieve a few of their challenges.

As part of the campaign, Assassin's Creed IV FlagTM Black, Ubisoft wanted to develop an original communication tool dedicated to the fans. Biborg was asked to offer the players the ability to (re)discover the trailer "DEFY THE HORIZON" presented in a different angle during the E3 event. The goal: offer new exclusive content to the fans through an interactive experience.

Through the extensive use of HTML 5, the innovative and elaborate experience runs on desktop, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android).

Says Biborg business director Bruno Luriot: "Creating an interactive multi-device experience has been a real challenge for us - both technically and in the creation of exclusive content specially tailored for HTML5. But the real challenge was to create an experience that is both accessible, entertaining and engaging for fans of the brand and our core target."

Beyond the use of the material given by the client, Biborg had to make some adjustments and proposed an innovative way of presenting the content. This immersive trailer allows users to discover content never revealed before: a 3D animation of the boat hero, Jackdaw, 360° views of the characters, but also various photos and videos. One particular piece of content is blocked by a code that will be given to the user when they use their smartphone as a telescope.

Says Gwenn Berhault, senior brand manager in charge of Assassin's Creed IV FlagTM Black at Ubisoft: "With their expertise and creativity, the agency Biborg helped us to achieve an innovative element of our campaign. We are delighted of this partnership which allows us to offer to the public an unprecedented interactive experience."

The campaign will be run in Great-Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Poland and Australia.

Campagne: Assassin's Creed IV Black Fag
EMEA Sr Brand Manager: Gwenn Berhault
EMEA Sr Digital Marketing Manager: Pierre Worgague
EMEA Digital Marketing Manager: Sébastien Ratto
Date de lancement
Agency: Biborg
Creative Director: François Girardot
Business Director: Bruno Luriot
Art Director: Rémi Cabarrou
Project Manager: Barth Monnier
Lead Developer: Peter Prosper

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