ALDI launches new campaign via BMF Sydney to promote Expressi capsule coffee machine + range

ALDI-EXPRESSI.jpgALDI has launched a new campaign via BMF Sydney to promote its Expressi capsule coffee machine and range. The series of TVC's is supported by cinema, outdoor, online and owned media.

BMF partnered with South African comedy director and king of ridiculous, Trevor Clarence as well as Sydney fashion photographer Simon Lekias to bring the campaign to life.

Says Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, ECDs at BMF: "The 'aspirational' approach historically reserved for pretentious perfume ads, has recently crept into the coffee category. We thought we could talk about a premium coffee product and take it to somewhere a little more refreshing by injecting Aldi's quirky tone of voice."

An ALDI spokesperson said: "We are thrilled with the new work for Expressi. We have managed to create a campaign that feels unique to the Expressi brand whilst continuing the tongue-in-cheek ALDI tone we've been developing over the last few years".


Red said:

Unbelievable to compare Aldi's ads 2 years ago to this nugget of gold! Peed my pants a little.

Hotdogs from Big Brother said:

This is really really good. ALDI are making the best ads in the country at the moment, well done. Whodathunkit?

eh? said:

Really liked 'Prices you'll love to talk about', this not so much. Just feels a little off...

Dean said:

All my respect to you Spaniards. You've changed that client forever.

gotta get me some aldi coffeeeee said:

hilarious! love it!

Ha! said:

I love this. It's awesome!!
So good to see some great creative happening in our fair country again.

Nick said:

Funnier than George Clooney on a rooftop.

RedGreg said:

I love it. Well done all involved.

Em said:

Nice one BMF. Hilar.

russell coite said:

nice one ya'll!

Katrina said:

Love it!

Leanne said:

This is a very funny, fantastic and creative add - well done

disappointed somewhat said:

Sorry guys, I love all the Aldi ads and expected to love these too, but they're not quite up to the rest.

Richo said:

Funniest spot I've seen out of BMF or anywhere lately. Great random moments of dialogue that don't lose the thread of the idea. Well done on making it and just as importantly- selling it!

Ridley Scott said:

Works and nicely cast!

Additional Credit said:

Cast by Toni Higginbotham.


the coffee ad with the woman & the duck,the insane skinny frenchman & the big black dude is brilliant. but where is the music from? i know it so well, it's from one of my favourite albums but i just can't place it & it's driving me crazy! is it "rotary connection" or "family entertainment" some album from the 60's. if you know please give me back my sanity & tell me. thnx. rod m.

Hyperspace said:

I think it's Stamping Ground by Moondog. It was on a compilation album called Fill Your Head With Rock which came out in 1970.

blois said:

The music is 'Stamping Ground' by Moodog. It was the Big Lebowski soundtrack.

Eha said:

Was anyone here thinking of Shakespeare? Hamlet, Othello and Lady Macbeth? Can't get that idea out of my mind!!

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