BrandFinance Nation Brands report: Australia ranked #10 Most Valuable Nation Brand - up 32%

FTF2.jpgAs the western hemisphere heals from the Global Financial Crisis a new order is emerging. Spain has fallen 20%, Italy by 6% and Greece by 34% in Nation Brand Value. Australia has done remarkably well to increase by 32% and enter into the world's Top Ten Most Valuable Nations.

Australia has a 'Very Good' Nation Brand, with an AA rating (held by the number one ranked United States and other top performers Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany) and a strong BSI score. Its strength in education and entrepreneurship leads the nation to have some of the most talented people with highly sought after skills. Australia ranks amongst the Top Ten for nations performing strongly in tourism. Australia has little difficulty in endorsing itself as a prime destination of choice for both domestic and foreign holiday-makers, attracting 6.3 million visitors in 2013 including a 5% growth in international visitors. This is in line with Tourism Industry's goal of generating AU$115 billion by 2020.
With the mining boom entering the twilight phase, the strength of the Australian dollar has fallen. This will be welcome news for foreign investors seeking to enter the Australian market. Whilst we may see a rise in investment it will be some time before we see a rise in resource output unless demand from China grows the mining industry back to the height of 2012.

The Kangaroos' recent win against New Zealand in the Rugby League World Cup and the recent win in the first test of the Ashes will reconfirm Australia's reputation as a sporting nation. A strong international and domestic reputation is a key driving force behind Australia's impressive rank. With the current positive trajectory, Australia may rank even higher in years to come.

Says Richard Haigh, brand valuation director: "Brand Australia is continuing to perform excellently in the aftermath of the GFC. Fuelled by both investment in mining from China and by its position as an aspirational travel destination for tourists worldwide, the momentum generated in Australia's Brand Value growth looks set to continue to propel it to greater success in the future."

The findings come from Brand Finance, the world leading brand valuation consultancy. Using an analysis more usually applied to companies, the BrandFinance Nation Brands provides a comprehensive report on the world's leading Nation Brands and the impact a country's reputation and image has on governments, investors, students and consumers.

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