Big W targets price-conscious fashionable women in latest spot via Saatchi & Saatchi

Big-W-fashion.jpgSaatchi & Saatchi, Sydney has put to air a new spot promoting the surprisingly hot fashion looks at unbelievably low prices at Big W.



Gladys said:

I'm sure Kmart feel even better after this goes to air. Yawn!!

wtf said:

this could be for anyone?

ANDY said:

The creative light has gone out at this agency.

Bear said:


It's a retail ad, what did you expect?

I think it's fine.

Haters gonna hate.

Gladys said:

BEAR (aka S&S). I expected - and I'm sure the intended audience expects - a communication that reflects the 'feel of fashion' they want to experience when stepping out in their fashionable new clothes.

A certain uplifting and energetic joy that reflects this feeling would be a minimum expectation.

Instead, I see muted colours, out of focus oetal and durge-like music that is anything but uplifting and energetic.

Now, contrast that to Kmart - and I now who has tapped into my needs and emotions.

Nelson said:

@ All of you.

Why doesn't everyone here just pause and instead take the time to ponder what your sorry arses will be doing when you're all unemployed (approaching 35 are we?) and wondering where your own recremental careers have gone.

Maybe move into a little PR firm in Milsons Pt?

Don't believe it? Bon Chance...

ANDY said:

Even S&S comments are lame.
PS Retail doesn't mean you have to feed the consumer crap.

Target said:

Aren't we all price-conscious fashionable women when it comes down to it?

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