Burger King pokes fun at pre-rolls by launching sixty-four of them via Colenso BBDO, Auckland

YouTubeBurgerKing.jpgYouTube ads are a highly effective way to reach young guys. There's just one problem: they hate them. So instead of making one, Colenso BBDO and Burger King made sixty-four.

Using analysis of media consumption, each pre-roll ad was written specifically to the videos most popular with BK's target market. Movie trailers, music videos, sports, comedians, compilations, talk shows and more. Sixty-four customised Youtube ads that acknowledged how annoying they were. The anti pre-roll campaign turned a media placement that consumers loathed into the perfect place to have a conversation.


Burger King Marketing - James Woodbridge
Burger King Marketing - Rachel Morriss-Jarvis
Creative Director - Levi Slavin
Creative Team - Simon Vicars, Brett Colliver
Group Account Director - Victoria Graves
Senior Account Manager - Anna Holloway
Director - Helena Brooks
Producer - Fraser Brown
Agency Producer - Katie Knight
Production Company - Flying Fish
Media Agency - Y&R


Good said:

Good. Lolz

Computer Boy said:

Yeah, na.

Still rubbish.

After seeing this ... said:

... I still hate pre-rolls.

ROFL said:

Smart. Love it.

Fail said:

They'll still piss people off.

Dave said:

Pre-rolls that poke fun at pre-rolls whilst still being a pre-roll.

That was a genius idea - the first time it was done. Most pre-rolls have been doing this for a while. Yawn.

Cha-ching said:

Makes for a great media entry. Smart idea

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