Clemenger BBDO Melbourne promotes star team Phillips and Williams to creative director roles

CB Exclusive - Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has promoted Ant Phillips and Richard Williams to creative directors, working directly with executive creative director Ant Keogh and creative chairman James McGrath.

The duo (pictured far left with McGrath - standing - and Keogh) are one of the most awarded teams in the country, having won awards at every major global show, including numerous Gold Lions at Cannes, the inaugural Grand Prix at the Spikes, The One Show, D&AD and AWARD.
They replace Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens, who are moving to Cummins Ross, Melbourne, as reported by Campaign Brief exclusively this morning.

Creative chairman James McGrath said that the appointment of Phillips and Williams demonstrates the depth of talent at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. 

"We are extremely fortunate in that, as well as being constantly approached by the best talent in the world, we have a wealth of talent within the agency. Rich and Ant also happen to fulfil one of our other key criteria - in addition to their creative brilliance, they're extraordinarily nice guys and deeply believe in the Clemenger values," he said.

"And we wish Jim and Couz well."


Beer Drinker said:

Awesome promotion! Well deserved, guys.

Cognitive DIssonance said:

12 minutes.

Now that's responsive.

Former colleague said:

Have been the best team at Clems for some time now. Thoroughly deserved and long overdue. Well done guys.

Best beer creatives going said:

Enjoy responsibly. Nice one boys.

Hot said:

The one on the left in the dark blue is a total babe. Send him to Sydney.
No eye candy here.

is it just me or said:

are Ant and James wearing Ant and James masks?

Nada said:

Don't know either of these two dudes but i do know they've been making ads I like a lot for a long time, something that clems never ceases to be able to do, so good luck to them.

ES said:

Congratulations Ant & Rich ... thoroughly well deserved after years of delivering awesome work for Clems!

Smile! said:

Congrats Ant and Rich. Great news...even though you wouldnt know it from that photo! Yikes.

What's with the long face said:

If this is such good news why do the big boys look so sad?
Must be because they lost Jim & Cuz.

David said:

Agency talent seems to move around agencies so fast these days - great to see Clem's promoting from within. super talented team Ant and Rich, well deserved. Congratulations.

Nath said:

Nice one legends! And about time.

Nath said:

Nice one legends! And about time.

Whoever smelt it, dealt it. said:

Clems always do a very good job to not let farts linger. But I seem to have caught a waft of this one. What's happening over there ATM, just coincidences? Or something more?

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