Forty Winks heads in new direction in 'We Won't Rest' brand campaign via McCann Australia

WWR40winks.jpgForty Winks is poised to launch the most significant brand campaign in its history this Sunday, representing a brave move in the world of retail and a departure from exclusively product based advertising via McCann.
The brand campaign captures the great unrested, offering a wistful view of sleep and rest.

In a first for Forty Winks, they promise not to rest until the great unrested are fast asleep in their perfect beds.
The campaign explores those moments in each of our lives where sleep is elusive, yet longed for. The premise of the great unrested is showcased by the night owls, those that have trouble winding down and switching off, and those that need to work through the night.
Exploring the yearning we each have to rest, and the range of reasons that prevent us from crawling into a comfortable bed, Forty Winks have tapped into our universal desire to rest and recover in a world that doesn't want us to slow down.
According to Annie Price, creative director from McCann, the brand position genuinely captures the values and commitment of the store owners. The idea was the outcome of a series of workshops with store owners that asked the question - what do we stand for.
As the ideas were honed, the essence of their promise kept surfacing - genuinely wanting to help their customers find rest and peaceful night's sleep. This is more than an advertising campaign; it's a reflection of the store owners' mantra.
Price credits this campaign process as one of the more creative and collaborative of her advertising career.

Says Price: "The goodwill, trust and collaboration that developed over the past year is a reflection of the company ethos. Store owners are genuinely committed to helping their customers get good night's rest."
Forty Winks CEO James Hayward says the new direction is reflective of the company's aim to change lives through a better night's sleep.

Says Hayward: "The team at Forty Winks are passionate about our positioning and are 100 per cent committed to this cause."



Who were the creative team?


Agency: McCann Melbourne
Creative Director: Annie Price
Art Director: Mat Hine
Copywriter: Simon Gross
Producer: Chelsea Napier
Director: Tim Gibbs
Producer: Annie Schutt
Production Company: 8com
Post: Method Studios

Halfpricey said:

Credit to a talented pair:
AD: Mat Hine
Writer: Simon Gross

Post said:

Editor: Michael Houlahan
Telecine: Edele Rafferty
Online: Jamie Scott
Mix: Soundlounge / Sam Hopgood

Points said:

I like it. Nice work.

Paul Sullivan said:

What is the title of the piano solo played on that add and also the artist

Trish asks said:

Yes my mum wants to know the title and artist of the piano solo. Please

Henry said:

Hey Trish, the songs called Claire De Lune by Debussy

john said:

what is the piano solo and artist from this commercial

steve said:

anybody tell me the name of the piano solo?

@warbz said:

Brilliant advert, well done Price and McCann

Cloudstar said:

Music is "Claire De Lune" by Debussy´╗┐

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