French Spiderman puts Samsung's Galaxy Gear to the test in new experiential via Colenso BBDO

Samsung Alain Robert Mid Climb.jpgTo prove that Samsung's Galaxy Gear keeps people connected even when they have their hands full, Colenso BBDO invited notorious French free-climber Alain 'Spiderman' Robert to take some snaps with media, and send a few texts; as he climbed the 40-storey Metropolis building - using the Galaxy Gear and some chalk to help his grip.

The campaign was created by Colenso's experiential team to capture the imagination of the public and media while demonstrating that with Galaxy Gear you don't have to let go to use your mobile. The stunt was set up so that the whole climb was captured on camera from multiple perspectives. The content was then shared via social media and with mainstream media to generate PR coverage. 

Whilst the idea was an unconventional way to approach a technology launch, the media coverage generated was exceptional, with Robert's visit to New Zealand and the event being covered extensively by the New Zealand news media. Likewise the footage of the climb also generated high levels of engagement on social media around the world.

Mike Cornwell, Samsung New Zealand marketing director, was keen to profile the Galaxy Gear in engaging 'real world' activation while demonstrating the product benefits of the new smart watch.

Says Cornwell: "When I saw the idea I liked it, we wanted to show just what could be done with the Galaxy Gear under extreme circumstances, not that we thought our consumers were urban free-climbers. The response has been outstanding and it's elevated the Gear's and Samsung's profile during a key retail period when it can be hard to gain traction with more traditional advertising."

Says Paul Gunn, head of activation and PR at Colenso BBDO: "To be able to work with Samsung on an idea that blurred the boundaries of extreme sport and technology was brilliant. But to arrange the climb, capture such brilliant content, and deliver such extensive coverage is a tribute to the smarts and the 'can do' attitude of the whole team - including Alain, who was hanging off the side of the building."

Client: Samsung New Zealand
Mike Cornwell - Samsung New Zealand Marketing Director
Debbie Fell - Samsung New Zealand Group Marketing Manager - Mobile & IT
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Creative Directors: Dan Wright, Levi Slavin
Creative Team: Dan Wright, Matt Lawson
PR Team: Paul Gunn, Nicky Gadsdon
Account Team: Victoria Graves, Paul Gunn, Lani Dodds
Activation Producers: Scott Chapman, Nicky Garland, Anna Flaws,
Video Producer: Cameron Wilson
Director/Editor: Mike Hammond


macca said:

Anything with Alain Robert is going to get shared, any guy who speaks French gets arrested in 20 countries for climbing buildings without ropes is as cool as a Polar bears ball bag in my opinion.

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