GPY&R Melbourne publishes 'The Bottom Drawer' colouring book filled with rejected ad concepts

The Bottom Drawer. Hero pic.jpgLooking for a last minute Christmas present, for the person who has everything?
Just in time for Christmas, GPY&R Melbourne has published the Bottom Drawer Colouring Book: Advertising sketches that research didn't like, but your kids will love.
For every ad that makes it into the world, we all know there were dozens just like it that didn't make the cut.

The Bottom Drawer. supporting pic.jpgSo rather than let these beautiful, kooky and occasionally inappropriate scamps gather dust in agency bottom drawers, GPY&R Melbourne has taken them out of context and compiled them into a colouring book. Perfect for that Nephew who already has a PS4, iPad air, and a military grade drone.
The Bottom Drawer. supporting pic2.jpgThe Bottom Drawer is lovingly printed using 100% recycled paper and recycled concepts. Featuring over 50 pages of rejected, but strangely compelling concept sketches, it can be purchased at select bookstores or online.
You can share your colourful masterpieces online. Or if you have a scamp that broke your heart when it was rejected, upload it for the next edition.


Kinda thing.... said:

...That agencies always talk about but never get around to doing.

Rad. said:

Lovely little idea.

Ed said:

Love it.

Wish our shitty joint let us do stuff that's cool and sell it.

How do I get a freak'n job there?

And the winner of the Christmas ideas comp is…. said:


erm said:

Maybe GPY&R should write a book about how to comment on your own work on the CB blog. Just a hint... here's not how to do it:

Ed said:
Love it.

Wish our shitty joint let us do stuff that's cool and sell it.

How do I get a freak'n job there?

Maybe 'Erm' should write a book about... said:

…his/her life as a complaining, bitter little bitch.

Have a crappy Christmas and I hope next year is just as miserable for you!

AT said:

very sweet idea.

and also said:

There's actually no jobs going there.
I believe they may be shrinking.

So with less actual work, the increase of more say, proactive work, tends to rise to the top.

FT said:

Nice idea. Hope it gets up.

hater hater said:

un-friggin-subscribe....if you fail to see that this is a cool little idea, that's just that and nothing more, then you should really get the %$# off this blog. Totally over Haters hating on this blog. Merry hater X-mas haters!

Kevin ferry said:

Neat little fun idea - I'm on my 5th edition

Ex Geepster said:

This idea has been in the making for a few months now, before any recent (major) client losses. So it's not just a proactive idea that's say, risen to the top. It's good. It's fun. And it's worthy of putting up here and being published. If you can't see or appreciate that 'and also' then you're a dick and have no idea what you're talking about, let alone any future in this industry. Shoo.

Awesome Idea said:

Brilliant idea from the Patts crew!

But said:

It's not even a good idea.

It's so sad it makes me want to cry, given children old advertising scamps to colour in. Get the fuck over yourselves for crying out loud.

Old CD Guy said:

Next, I'd like to see the Advanced Edition: Losing Pitches.

Thanks Old CD guy said:

That tells us all everything we needed to know about you and all your comments.

Peter S said:

Thanks a cracker, best Christmas idea this year by a long way!

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