Intel surprises café-goers in the launch of new 'Chasing Charge' experiment via The Monkeys

chasing charge.jpgIntel has given some café customers a little something unexpected this week with a little experiment involving hidden cameras and a power outlet with a mind of its own via The Monkeys. The clip, titled Chasing Charge, was posted today on Channel Intel on YouTube.
The quirky experiment saw Intel create a remote controlled power outlet that could move away from anyone who tried to use it, prompting some surprised reactions. Customers chased the outlet until it hid in a box, which revealed the message "power keep running out on you?"

The experiment was designed to highlight latest Intel Core processors which allow the new generation of laptop computers to offer up to 50 per cent more battery life. For some models in stores now, this can mean more than 10 hours1 of active battery life on a single charge.
Says Jayant Murty, Intel's Asia Pacific director brand strategy and integrated marketing: "In a world where people want to stay connected to the things they love without breaks or interruptions, they are increasingly seeking devices that have great performance and amazing battery life. Till recently consumers have had to choose between the two. But not with the latest core processors, that give you both in one package."

Agency: The Monkeys
Production Company: Alfred


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