Photoplay Films director Tom Noakes makes semi-finals of Doritos Crash Super Bowl comp

Doritos4.jpegPhotoplay Films director Tom Noakes has made the semi-finals of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition with his irreverent 'Finger Cleaner' spot, making him one of two Australian entries to crash the annual Super Bowl competition.

It's the first year the create-your-own ad contest has been open to global entries and Noakes' spot has already gone viral with more than one million hits on YouTube, making it the most viewed in the competition so far. It has been consistently placed as one of the highest-rated entries of the 5,000 plus submitted to the Doritos microsite.

Doritos2.jpegOn the inspiration for the spot, Noakes screamed: "It definitely has nothing to do with the hole in the Photoplay toilets that I've definitely never used."

Online for just over one week, the ad's far-flung global popularity is testament to its international reach. Photoplay Films producer Belinda Dean puts its success down to two things: share-ability and suitability for the brand.

Says Dean: "Doritos typically make comedy scripts and the competition brief was to do something bold and unexpected to tie in with the tag 'For the Bold'. Tom is part of the YouTube generation and he understands that extreme types of humour are what people best respond to and that translates to views."

Says Oliver Lawrance, Photoplay Films' executive producer: "Tom is a super talented comedy director and the Super Bowl competition is the perfect forum to explore progressive and hilarious ideas. We're really excited about where this could go."

The other Australian entry who made the cut was a young Australian creative team from Banjo Advertising with 'Body Cast'.

Director - Tom Noakes
Producer - Belinda Dean
DOP - James Brown
Art Director - Ian Kanik
Casting Director - Leon Fryer, i4 Casting
Production Company - Photoplay Films


hilarious said:

That's bloody brilliant!!! Great work guys & well deserved Tom

Jealous said:

That is hilarious! Unexpected and brilliantly wrong.
World class Photoplay.

Rua said:

Farming awesome Tom. On a roll guys.

hehe said:

the good old glory hole!

Louise Abbey said:

Glorious. Nice work guys.

one million hits said:

can't be wrong

Abs said:

Love it.
So hoping you win!! :)

TSW said:

Love this

Dr Doom said:

This is fantastic.

Should win.

ANDY said:

Nice work.
Can't wait to see the female version.

FSM said:

This is great Tom. YouTube views Day 1 = 2,000. YouTube views Day 10 = 1.1 million.

Awesome said:

Great work Tom, Photoplay and everyone involved.

Deserves to win.

It's funny how everyone wants a 'Viral' hit, let talented filmmakers do what they want and this is what can come out the other end.

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