Streets Ice Cream proves how generous Australians really are with a Chain of Joy

STREETS-CHAIN.jpgStreets Ice Cream proves how generous people really are. Through a live experiment, customers were told that their ice cream had already been paid for by the customer before them.

People were surprised and excited by their free ice cream. Customers were then given the opportunity to pay for the next person's ice cream and bring a moment of joy to someone they had never meet before. 100% of people said yes... and the Streets Chain of Joy was created.


Client: Unilever Australia
Production: Out of the box production
Director: Olivier Mamet
Producer: Hamish Roxburgh


Captain Joy of Joyous Joyville said:

Ookay, so 'Joy' is currently being used by Cadbury and this illustrates perfectly why companies normally use communications experts to create their comms. It's called 'creative' and it stops you being plagiaristic and/or shyte. Check it out some time Unilever, I hear it's massive overseas.

Yawn said:

Done. Last year it was in the news everywhere. Just because you´re a big brand does´t mean you can rip off small businesses´ and social ideas.

Mmm.. said:

What makes 'suspended coffee' so lovely is that it happened organically, and came from real and genuine generosity. This feels a little forced and contrived. I also agree that it was silly to use the word 'joy'.

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