The Royal Lifesaving Society launches campaign during Schoolies at Meelup Beach via 303Lowe

1459800_507607639346977_543144055_n.jpgThe Royal Lifesaving Society has launched the 'Submerged Studio' at Meelup Beach during Leavers' week at Meelup Beach to share a safety message amongst the army of youth via 303Lowe.

Meelup Beach during Leavers' Week brings together the highest drowning risk factors available to mankind: ocean, alcohol, and teens who would potentially use traditional water safety signage to start a bonfire.

The Royal Lifesaving Society's, 'Submerged Studio' is a world-first aimed at getting the school leavers to share the safety messaging amongst themselves, and posting proof that fun could be had without alcohol.
1460034_507595132681561_698569707_n.jpgThe mechanics were simple - simply utilising existing social media tech, some unique skill-sets, and some inventive and very buoyant signage. Throughout the day, those who chose free bottled water could request an underwater portrait. That 'submerged studio' involved a professional underwater photographer, lights, and a wireless beacon to transmit shots in real time to a beached upload station so that the leavers could enjoy and share immediately, to encourage wider Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.54.20 PM.jpgparticipation.

'We Chose H20 to Pose Below' was automatically watermarked and posted to Facebook and Tumblr - and it was all up to the kids from their to share the message themselves.

Says Tom Shalders, Royal Life Saving Society: "Going Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 7.36.47 PM.jpgswimming after consuming alcohol significantly raises your risk of drowning and other serious injury. So during the highest risk week of the year, we provided water instead - giving away over 2,500  bottles of water as an alternate to alcohol and promoted alcohol and water safety Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.47.06 AM.jpgmessages to over 4,700 school leavers who attended the Don't Drink and Drown Meelup Beach Day event."

The message had reach beyond those on the beach too.The photo gallery has had a reach of 6,300+ on Facebook and has had over 21,000 engagements. Since the leavers party the Fan Page likes has increased by 25% (Numbers taken 12/12)
Says Richard Berney, 303Lowe, creative director: Schoolies generally aren't open to traditional safety messages - so we made the channel itself really fun, and then literally immersed it in their share-centric online culture."

Agency: 303Lowe Perth/Sydney
Creative Director: Richard Berney
Technical Director: Aaron Collyer
Business Executive: Chanel Hardcastle
Client: Tom Shalders, Royal Lifesaving Society
Art Director/Copywriter: Richard Berney, Helen King

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