Weight Watchers launches inspirational brand campaign 'Awaken your Incredible' via BMF

Awaken Your Incredible (2).jpgWeight Watchers, Australia's largest weight-loss organisation today debuts a new brand campaign - 'Awaken Your Incredible' - that sets out to make people believe in themselves again.
Created by BMF, 'Awaken Your Incredible' looks back on the personal hurdles we have already encountered in life and celebrates how we have taken on the impossible, and come out the other side.
Weight Watchers kicks off the inspirational campaign with a new logo, website, creative, including 60 and 30-second TVCs, and a motivational manifesto.

The campaign is based on the insight that each of us has already proven that we are stronger than we think, when we look back at how we've conquered life's ups and down. It encourages consumers to draw on that strength, coupled with Weight Watchers' support and know-how, and be incredible again through their weight loss journey.

Says Michael Burgess, Weight Watchers general manager, Marketing: "Weight Watchers is founded and built on the truth that the only lasting weight loss solution for you, comes from within you.  The core creative idea has hope and flexes the motivational muscle.
"'Awaken Your Incredible' sets out to make people believe in themselves, reminding them that they can embrace a healthier lifestyle by calling upon their fighting spirit, with Weight Watchers being the brand they turn to when they want to feel good about themselves again."
The campaign will also live online at incredible.weightwatchers.com.au. Created and managed by Reactive, this destination serves to inspire people to awaken their incredible through a personalised product experience, an educational platform - The University of Incredible and an interactive film-maker tool (due to launch in February). The University of Incredible will repurpose and refresh 50 years worth of Weight Watchers tools, tips and experience to inspire and guide a new generation towards a healthier life.
The integrated campaign strategy was developed and led by Naked, spanning multiple channels above and below the line, including TV, direct mail, digital and PR.
Client: Weight Watchers
Creative: BMF

Creative Director: Justin Ruben
Creative Founder: Warren Brown
Art Director: Alex Booker
Copywriter: Philip Sicklinger
Group Account Director: Kura Tyerman
Account Director: Kayleigh Chapman
Account Manager: Emily Field
Planners: David Hartmann, Ali Tilling and Sarah Hood
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee-Archer
Managing Partner: Stephen McArdle
Director: Mark Malloy
Production Company: Exit Films
Producer: Susie Cole
EP: Corey Esse
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Editor: Rohan Zemna @ The Butchery
Post: The Refinery
Original Music: Cornel Wilczek @ Electric Dreams

Communications Strategy: Naked
Digital: Reactive
Social Media and PR: One Green Bean
Media: OMD


Back to school said:

I'm feeling open-minded and generous this year, which I'm hoping will last until at least Oshtraya day.

This is a great bit of film and a nice change for this brand.

finally said:

Best thing this brand has done. Will be effective i presume.

yawn said:

Really? As someone in the target market I find it insincere and cliched.

Krispy Kreme said:

@ yawn,

Feeling a little hangry?

nice said:

Think this is beautiful for the brand. Have never thought of weight watchers as a brand that would make me feel anything (except guilty for the packet of Doritos I was eating while watching the ad).

Werd. said:

I for one am utterly over this trend of the manglish end lines. I don't even know what you would call it but Take TV to Amazing, Eat Interesting, Unleash Extraordinary, Experience Incredible, Talk Normal, Speak Proper, I dunno. Hand me the case cocksucker. What the fuck.

I'm with Werd. said:

'Awaken your incredible,' reminds me of that saying, 'If people talked to you like advertising talks to you, you'd punch them in the face.' Oh, and hardly an overweight person to be seen in the ad! I guess the argument for that is it's "aspirational"?

nice work said:

This is really beautiful.

Amit said:

Weight loss products have become very popular in the recent years and people are looking forward to them. They don't wanna spend any time in gym, running tracks or any physical workout. They just use weight loss products and don't do anything else.

So, you can guess the expected results which are close to zero and give side-effects many times.

gerard said:

The problem with weight watchers is they rely on outdated knowledge. For them, the fat is still the enemy and carbs are good.
They really should move on to the new methods to lose weight so they can combine it with their own system

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