ANZ and Whybin\TBWA transform ATMs into GAYTMs for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

ANZ Love at a GAYTM-web.jpgCB Exclusive - ANZ is the principal partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014, and to show their support for diversity, they've transformed central Sydney ATMs into dazzling GAYTMs turning the day-to-day activity of withdrawing money into a fabulous experience.

Created by Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne, each unique GAYTM has been inspired by gay and lesbian culture. The designs see each ATM being bejewelled by hand in rhinestones, sequins, studs, leather, denim and fur. From unicorns and drag queens to rainbows and tattoos, each GAYTM is a riot of colour and textures to celebrate the festival and show ANZ's support for diversity.

As well as looking fabulous on the outside, selected ANZ GAYTM screens themselves have been given a makeover to carry messages and well-wishes such as 'Hello gorgeous', 'Cash out and proud', and of course... 'Happy Mardi Gras!'.

And to complete the experience, the GAYTMs will dispense rainbow coloured receipts.

ANZ GAYTM 5-web.jpgBeyond simply joining the party, ANZ is donating the ATM operator fees for non-ANZ cardholders from the GAYTMs to non-profit organisation Twenty10 for the duration of the campaign.

"ANZ's GAYTMs are a fun and colourful way of bringing our ATMs out to celebrate diversity and show our support for one of Australia's largest festivals," says Carolyn Bendall, Head of Australia Marketing ANZ.

"ANZ has been a major sponsor of and participant in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras since 2007, recently announcing a further three year commitment as inaugural Principal Partner."

Client: ANZ
Creative Agency: Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Paul Reardon
Creative Director: Damian Royce
Creatives: Tara Ford, Daniel Pizzato, Andy Lish
Digital Designer: Frieda Handoko

Executive Producer: Margot Ger
Production Assistant: Lauren Pell
Digital Producer: Mish Fabok

Production Company - Will O'Rourke:
Project & Artistic Director: The Glue Society (James Dive & Pete Baker)
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Head of Projects: Josh Mullens
Project Manager: Mel Reardon

Account Service & Planning:
Regional Group Head: Mim Haysom
Group Account Director: Claire Tenzer
Account Manager: Alice McCormack
Head of Digital: Kimberlee Wells
Digital Planner: Scott Woodhouse
PR Agency: Eleven PR
PR Director: Rob Lowe
Account Director: Fiona Milliken
Senior Account Executive: Claire Verlander


Marty H said:

Go Tara and Daniel - awesome, fun work for a worthy cause!

Dan said:

Brilliant campaign. Clever, creative, fun and colourful. The detail they have gone to is incredible. The coloured receipts, screen messages and well researched decorative bits make it a top class execution. ANZ would be wrapped, the community will love it, well done guys.

Chaz Michael-Michaels said:

Wow! What a bold move from ANZ. Such a wonderful event to support and a great way to promote the fun-loving spirit around the mardi gras activity. Good on you Paul Reardon and Whybins for getting this initative up.

And remember, Chaz Michael-Michaels IS figure skating!

Happy mardi Grarse said:

A headline for the top photo!

Screw Bernie Eccelston said:

This is the first ‘We live in your world’ work I’ve seen that I like. Good work.

a bit of time said:

Spread some time between your comments guys and it will look like they come from different people in the future. On a Sunday.

Woah said:

Very good

Peter said:

Courageous idea, they look great.

Just Once said:

I'd like to see a brand do something around LGBT's that didn't involve sequins, sexual innuendo, mardi gras excess, or any of the other Priscilla Queen of the Desert shit. You know, something to acknowledge that LGBT's are just regular people/customers, with a slightly different sexual preference to straights.

This is cute though. But it'd be nice to see a brand do something a little more meaningful and fundamental.

p said:

Could only be better if they just dispensed $5 bills.

@Just Once said:

Fair point, though this particular project aims to celebrate this week's Sydney Mardi Gras. It's all in the spirit of the parade.

Charles said:

As a queer guy I'm offended that I didn't come up with this my self. Well done to the creative team and to the clients (especially a banking client!) going so far off brand for some fun.

@just Once said:

They do.

All of ANZ's ATMs are actually GAYTMs, all day, every day.

You just don't know it, cause there's no sequins, sexual innuendo, mardi gras excess, or any of the other Priscilla Queen of the Desert shit.

@ 9:56 said:

Wouldn't that just look like a regular ATM then?

Charles said:

Update: Looks like I'm not the only one who wished they thought of this, St.George have done the same thing:
found this on their fb page

@ Charles said:

Not sure why they'd do that when ANZ are the major sponsor. Not a patch on the ANZ ones either.

Dim said:

@9:56, wow, not Mensa material, are you?

I'm gay. I'm cringing. said:

I agree 'Just Once'.

I'm a creative director, I'm in advertising and I'm gay! (shock-horror). I groan at the cliche of sequins, drag and glitter as a representation of the community. I believe it is actually damaging to those young men and women still terrified of coming out. So many do not identify with this crap and I personally find it insulting.

Let's be a be bit more grown-up ANZ. Cringe...

blimeer said:


was that by any chance when St George was at Whybin's I wonder?

Oh well said:

Bit embarassing isn't it?

@just Once said said:

I agree. Like it would be nice for those gay guys that camp it up, are loud and have to be the centre of attention - "I'm the gay one!!" - to just be a normal part of the agency. We don't care you're gay, it's fine and a normal part of life.

I love this said:

Absolutely brilliantly done.

Congratulations to all involved.

Happy Mardi Gras!

@ 1:13 said:

Why the '(shock-horror!)' in your post?

No one is shocked. No one is horrified. No one cares. We've all moved on.

I think that's kinda the point here. It's Mardi Gras. It's a huge, colourful, over the top gay pride festival. What it isn't is a bunch of people quietly going about their business saying 'nothing to see here - move along'.

You can't say that ANZ''s execution makes you sick without saying that the whole Mardi Gras thing makes you sick.

Which is a perfectly valid opinion, but an entirely different conversation.

@Dim said:

9.56 here.

I'm actually really quite intelligent. Never applied for Mensa, but the brain works pretty well. And unlike yourself, I made an attempt to at least outline why I wasn't a fan of this. Unlike your sadly cliched 'not quite Mensa material' jibe. Which was a bit shit really, and on a par with 'it's hardly rocket surgery' in Crap & Lazy Observations.

You should try harder next time.

But hey - if you think that rainbows and sequins are the height of a brand showing respect for LBGT's, then I guess that says it all really. Personally, I much prefer Google's effort in trying to push through same-sex marriage in France. At least it tried to actually achieve something. Which is why it picked up metal, which this stuff never will.

@ I'm gay etc said:

Honest question. How do you feel about Mardi Gras itself?

Omg said:

This "idea" is one-dimensional, punny, and in no way helps to champion the image of LGBT's as anything other than the stereotype. Embarrassing for all involved

Really? said:

The art direction and copy let this down - could have been realized better.

@Just Once said:

In response to your original post...Something a bit more subtle like little ATM receipts that come out curly - not straight?

Dim again. said:

@9.56 Sorry, I actually mean the comment after yours "Wouldn't that just look like a regular ATM then?". Does that mean I should have said @@9.56 and does this mean my Mensa application will be rejected?

@ all of you said:

To all you gay people, straight people, bi-people, transgender people, and anyone in-between, this is all getting a bit tedious.

It's a simple little idea. Little. No one said they'd found the cure for the common cold or anything like that. They just jazzed up a few ATMs to get into the swing of the Mardi Gras thing. And as the title sponsor, why wouldn't they?

Everyone, please get off your high horse, whether it has a sequinned saddle or a leather saddle or bare back, and do some work.

Happy Mardi Gras to everyone, hope you have an absolutely fabulous time.


@dim said:

Apology accepted.
And yeah, I think you just flamed out on the Mensa exam ;). Beats me why anyone would want to join though...

legs said:

Why don't they change the name of the bank to GayNZ?

That would be good.

Gay in Advertising said:

It's a cute idea, and I don't want to put a downer on this creative work, but it feels a little like it was thought up by heterosexual advertising creatives. "Inspired by gay and lesbian culture"? More like 'stereotypical' gay and lesbian culture.

When this story circulated around my ad agency today, only the straight people were excited about it, discussing 'how cool' it was. Yet they have learned nothing about LGBT culture as a result.

Why not commission LGBTIQ artists to create a unique design for each of the ATMs instead? There would be added advertising value in sharing the artists' stories, rather than just slapping on some unicorns and rhinestones and calling it LGBT 'culture'.

happy days said:

I'm disappointed it didn't swallow my card.

Well said said:

Gay in Advertising makes a very wise point I think.

Jayne said:

I am gay.

I am straight.

I am bi.

I am a straight man who has sex with other men


They don't call this Campaign Bitch for nothing.

Great work Dan and Tara and all the team. Also, fabulous to see significant public support for the queer community from a major banking institution. The work is in the true spirit of the Sydney, Mardi Gras.



This is FUN
It makes you smile.
Take it as that

Doesn't need to be critiqued existentially. As an ambiguous socialist blue collar worker I find this a refreshing change from the current regime.

Nice work Whybins people!

Insight said:

Appropriately or sadly, you are all fighting like a bunch of queens.

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