Audio specialist agency Eardrum uses genetics for ABC Classic FM's new on-air rebrand

b6a0db4317b1aa18aec0857864110721.jpgABC Classic FM have commissioned audio specialist agency Eardrum to develop its new on-air branding.
Under the campaign banner "Where Music Lives", bespoke themes have been composed for each presenter, based on their genetic make-up.

Says Ralph van Dijk, Eardrum creative director: "What sets the station apart is the knowledge and passion of the presenters. They live and breathe classical music and bring it to life for the listeners. Now the on-air branding reflects this."
Noise International's Bruce Heald was asked to authentically curate scores based on the presenter's DNA and his or her musical influences.

"There was a slightly intimidating yet exciting experimental nature to this project. Classic FM has Australia's most musically knowledgeable audience and these compositions were being performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra no less!"

Says Richard Tognetti AO, artistic director of the ACO: "When Eardrum approached us to perform compositions based on DNA, we thought it was a mad idea. So naturally we were delighted to be involved."
ABC Classic FM presenter, Julia Lester's reaction to hearing her own DNA composition, was one of awe.

Says Lester: "We have the ACO playing this beautiful piece of music that was written about me.  I want to cry really, it's amazing." 
As well as representing the station's superstars, soon a lucky listener will also have the opportunity to win their own DNA composition, performed by the ACO.


hmm said:

sounds like massive *ank to me...

Kev Walker said:

Fantastic idea. Nice to see Radio do something different for a change...

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