Axis Awards video: Y&R ask their peers at DDB to read out nasty blog comments about themselves

Share-the-love-Y&R-DDB.jpgAs part of the New Zealand Axis Awards 'Share the Love' campaign where each agency gets to say nice things about one other agency, Y&R - in the spirit of the Jimmy Kimmel 'Mean Tweets' segment - ask their peers at DDB to read out nasty blog comments about themselves.

scroll down to 'Y&R share their love for DDB'


NZ said:

Very funny. I quite like DDB's reply too.

Account Circus said:

Fucking hell - even MADC has flogged this before.

GaryS said:

Wow... how not original.

Yawn said:

Ads for ad shows that award ads.


snore said:

'In the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' segment..

does that mean, copying Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' segment. - I think so.

Irony said:

How ironic? A rip-off campaign to promote a show that recognise originality.

Surprise me said:

And so the mean blog comments continue.

Dreamboat said:

Funny, Bradnick.

Bored said:

@Surprise me

What do you expect? Rounds of applause and high-fives all round for what amounts to little more than a complete clone of another idea? You must be joking. For an industry that (supposedly) prides itself on creativity, your attitude sums up the sprint towards the bottom that is going on as agencies rapidly become monkeys trained to execute clients' shitty ideas - not saying this was one though.

Let's call a spade a spade and call this a copy.

@ Bored said:

And you my friend, are a classic example of someone who believes advertising can save the world. Who gives a shit if some ideas are copied or not. As far as I'm concerned if the execution makes me laugh then what the hell. Do I care where it comes from, who copied it etc? No. There are more pressing issues in the world than who's the most seemingly creative. I feel for you if you haven't realised that one yet.

Missing the point... or proving it. said:

The whole point of this piece, and the whole series is that we need as an industry to stop kicking our peers at every opportunity.

Or maybe we should just stop reading the comments board...

Helen said:

Why are Australians so angry ?

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