Best&Less launches 'The L&B Experiment' pop-up store at Westfield in Sydney via Banjo

image001.jpgTo prove Aussies shouldn't have to pay a fortune for great fashion, Best&Less has launched 'The L&B Experiment', a pop-up store with a difference in Westfield Pitt Street this week via Banjo.

The idea used a pop-up store branded L&B (B&L backwards). The shop was designed to look like a boutique fashion store with high end fashion prices; however the garments were all current Best&Less products. Store customers were happy to pay the inflated prices only to receive a very pleasant surprise at the counter. Being told their dress wasn't $140, but actually only $40. Customer reactions were caught on hidden cameras.

Since winning the account in June 2013 Banjo has been working with Best&Less to bring their brand purpose to life. To prove to Australian women that fashion and affordability doesn't need to be mutually exclusive.

Whilst improvements have been made through merchandise, store design and the one size fits all pricing; the changes were being noticed by current customers only, not by the majority of Aussies who had rejected the brand.

In order to truly deliver affordable fashion to the masses we needed to engage our harshest critics.

Says Peta Morton, senior planner, Banjo: "We needed to remove the stigma attached with the brand name so that those who had previously dismissed us would have the opportunity to experience great affordable fashion for themselves."

It was a risky strategy requiring a bold creative idea and a very brave client.

Says Jee Moon, head of brand and marketing, Best&Less: "I knew we needed to do something really different to the category in order to change customer perceptions. We're not in a position to out-spend, so we need to out-smart. We're passionate about making fashion accessible to all, and we're taking a stand to prove that customers can have low price AND high fashion, without compromise."

The pop up store marks the beginning of the campaign. The story was broken on A Current Affair last Thursday as part of an ongoing PR strategy for Best&Less, developed by Edelman. View here.

Following the piece on A Current Affair, sales in the LAB store doubled.

Says Fern Canning, director of consumer at Edelman: "We knew that the launch of LAB needed to be more than a stunt. It needed to be a social experiment which sparked debate. Content and data that was relevant, engaging and emotive was vital to gain reach across earned, owned and paid media. Many companies wouldn't be courageous enough to do something like this. We're impressed that Best&Less saw the potential."

The L&B store will be selling product at Best&Less prices for the next month.

Jee Moon - Head of Brand and Marketing
Emilie Awadalla - Campaign Manager
Sara Mauceri - Campaign Manager
Advertising agency - Banjo Advertising
Richard Frost - Senior Account Director
Ashleigh Beddoes - Account Manager
Casey Schweikert - Art Director
Lewis Farrar - Copywriter
Georgia Arnott - Creative Director
Peta Morton - Senior Planner
Meredyth Judd - Head of Broadcast
Production Company - Syndicate Films
Matt Weston - Director
Rodrigo Vidal Dawson - DOP
PR - Edelman
Matthew Gain - General Manager
Fern Canning - Director of Consumer
Kate Spencer - Media Strategist
Sydney Spagnoletti - Content Strategist
Alex Erasmus - Digital Account Director


Nene said:

Fantastic concept, well done Banjo. Exceptional work as usual.

Emile said:

Great stuff!

reg said:

Nice idea- lidl

Old said:

Nice idea, but it's been done before.

Well done Banjo & Edelman!
Nice idea.

Why said:

Why all the congrats? Anyone can look through old ads and do the same thing again......

It does make me wonder said:

Why wouldn't best and less simply rebrand and charge more for their clothing?
The rag trade is pretty hard to make decent margins in, this actually has business potential.

kate said:

Maybe if B&L stores were tidied up and had better lighting….

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