Essendon Football Club launches new 'Don the Sash' annual membership campaign via Elmwood

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.21.03 am.jpgEssendon Football Club has embarked on a long and wide-ranging exercise to create the Club's 2014 membership campaign entitled 'Don The Sash' via creative agency Elmwood.

The Club engaged a number of key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the campaign reflected what was important to the Essendon family.

Through the EFC Listens initiative and the annual membership survey the Club gave fans the chance to have a say and provide valuable input into the campaign.

It was determined that the campaign needed to be pertinent now and tomorrow; bold, strong and unifying; distinctive; evoke emotion and passion.

The club has developed the 2014 membership campaign 'Don the Sash'. The red sash is a symbolic thread that binds fans together as one and an iconic part of Essendon history.

As part of the campaign, the 2014 'Don the Sash' membership TVC was created using players, coaches and fans to represent the fabric that unites us all through the famous red sash.

Says Harley Augustine, Elmwood brand strategy director: "We've really enjoyed working so closely with the club on this year's campaign, and to this end the EFC staff and players have played an active and important role in its development.

"This effective collaboration has helped ensure that Don the Sash is both an authentic and heart felt expression of the Essendon brand... one that everybody can really get behind and share with passion and pride.

"More than just a tagline, Don the Sash is a simple and powerful call to arms that's quintessentially Essendon and celebrates the mighty red thread that's proudly united Bomber fans for over 140 years."

"This core idea seems to have really resonated with Bomber fans already, which is the most important thing - ultimately it's their story and we hope they enjoy sharing it throughout season 2014 and beyond."

Creative Agency: Elmwood
Production: Struck & Spink
Copywriter & Art Director: Harley Augustine, Elmwood
Director: Frankie Fung, Struck & Spink


Bitter Old Troll said:

Is Don. Is shit.

not bad said:

but nowhere near as good as their previous, 360 degree fully integrated 'Whatever It Takes' campaign.

That one extended from TV ads, to bumper stickers, to a mammoth program of injections of all kinds of dubious chemicals, mass sackings and a summary dismissal from the finals. Ripping case study.

Flag said:


Van der Haaa said:

Done the stash

b said:

Done the stash. That's brilliant.

Flag. said:


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