FedUni launches the 'journey of success' in a fresh campaign via Cubed Communications

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.43.40 am.jpgFollowing Federation University Australia's 'There's a new name in education' campaign in October 2013, Melbourne independent agency Cubed Communications has created and produced the next chapter in the university's launch that showcases "Success is a personal journey - that starts with your passion".

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.43.48 am.jpgThe new campaign idea represents the University's "personal approach" teaching philosophy, and looks at higher education as an important step in the lifelong journey to success.

Phillip Crone, marketing manager at FedUni, believes that showing a personalised journey is an important factor to the success of the campaign.

Says Crone: "We wanted people to identify with the TV ads on an emotional level. When you're making a decision to study, rational thinking is important in terms of where you study, what program, price, etc. but there is also a strong emotional engagement we wanted to showcase."

Mike Chuter, founding partner at Cubed, hopes the ads inspire a new set of budding academics who want to follow their dreams.

Says Chuter: "It's a massive cliché, but it really is about taking that first step. Find something you love doing and you'll never work a day in your life. This concept helps demonstrate that, and hopefully encourages others to start their journey with FedUni."

The campaign carries across to radio, print and online, where the journey takes words and turns them into premonitions of possible careers you could pursue.

Says Bruce Williams, creative director at Cubed: "A lot of people take too long to follow their passion. And that's what this creative is really all about - recognising what you like doing and how you can turn that passion into a career. FedUni are really there to help you bridge that gap."

The campaign launched on the 24th February and features radio, online, television and bus executions.

Agency: Cubed Communications
Founding Partner: Mike Chuter
Senior Account Manager: Kate Hindley
Creative Director: Bruce Williams
Copywriter: Martin Fleming
Art Director: Alexei Awan
Retoucher/Finished Artist: Dave McGovern
Production Manager: Tamara Jackson
TV Producer: Toni Newman

Client: Federation University Australia
Manager, Marketing & Communications: Phillip Crone
Marketing & Communications: Simone Byrne, Renee Price and Giuseppe Marino

SceneOn (Production)
Directors: Matt Holcomb and Andrew Coyle
Producer: Trevor Holcomb
Director of Photography: Ed Goldner
Composer: Nathan Goble
Post Production: SceneOn
Colourist: Vincent Taylor
Motion Graphics: Andrew Barry
Post Sound: Big Ears Audio


Educated said:

Beautiful spots, pulls all the rite strings.

Quint said:

Superb casting, the ageing of each character was flawless.

really said:

Feels like a Quality Street ad...

Is that you cubed? said:

"Superb casting" and "flawless" ageing is apparently as easy as picking three blondes or chucking a pair of glasses on three dudes with brown hair.

Why do I feel like the agency is commenting on their own work?

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