The Planning Salon's Liane Siebenhaar + Julian Cole launch the top 50 planners to watch in 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.55.04 am.jpgThe Planning Salon has just launched the top 50 Planners to watch in 2014 including Australians Adam Ferrier (far left), partner at CumminsRoss Melbourne and Mark Macsmith (near left), digital planning director at VML Sydney.

The list is a mix of the top planning talent from across the globe as well as the next generation of planners. The list has diverse mix of planners from big markets like London and New York to emerging markets like Athens and Cape Town.
Says Julian Cole, co-founder of The Planning Salon and head of communications planning at BBH New York: "As a planner it is often hard to find out who is doing great work and offering an interesting perspective on the industry, this list looks to uncover some of those planners. With The Planning Salon we set up Google Hangout interviews with the Planners we most admire, with the hope they might pass down some knowledge to the rest of us."

Says Liane Siebenhaar, partner in crime and strategist at Mother London: "Last year we had the honour to get big names on board. We asked Rob Campbell what prostitutes, priests and planners have in common, Gareth Kay what he predicts as the future of advertising, Heather LeFevre on Planning differences around the world. We are looking forward to having some very interesting people and topics coming up, Heidi Hackemer and Farrah Bostic."

You can find out about upcoming interviews and watch some great conversations from the past year at ThePlanningSalon.


Jjw said:

Nice Mark!

Tom m said:

Great stuff Macca! Well done mate.

AS said:

Well done Adam!

Rob Campbell said:

I'd like to apologise to the 49, talented & professional planners who have found themselves having to share their good name with me. Sorry.

jp said:

could this industry be more self congratulatory?

Shanghai said:

At least they're not referred to as 'rockstars'.

Rob Campbell said:

Oh it could JP ... but I totally get your point.

And Shanghai, I couldn't agree with you more. That expression was the worst thing ever and even more embarrassing than 99% of the embarrassing things planners say.

Creative said:

I consider every planner a planner to watch. It's the only way to make sure they don't fuck up my creative.

Planner said:

We also need to be watched closely otherwise will just spend all day watching YouTube clips of kittens playing table tennis and then call it insight gathering.

Jen said:

Seriously, we need this?? So if I don't make this vaunted list, I'm not worth watching? What if I am not cool enough to know the people who put the list together? This career is stressful, I don't really need another reason to worry that I'm not measuring up.

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