Foxtel launches game changing technology that physically connects AFL fans + Fox Footy lovers to their teams in a new app via CHE Proximity

Alert-Shirt-Hero.jpgAs the Australian Rules Football season approaches, Foxtel's creative agency, CHE Proximity has launched a new campaign for AFL lovers and Fox Footy customers to get them closer to the action than ever before.

The 'Alert Shirt' uses wearable technology to take the AFL fan experience into the physical world, allowing fans to feel what the players feel live as it happens during the game.

Says Leon Wilson, CHE Proximity executive creative director: "Up until now fans have only been able to connect with their team on an emotional level. Now they can physically feel every impact, rush of adrenalin, or anxious heart beat."

Says Ed Smith, Foxtel executive director of sales and marketing: "We know AFL fans are amongst the most dedicated sports fans in the world, and at Foxtel we're always looking for ways our subscribers can connect with the game and their favourite team. The alert shirt is the first of its kind in the world and we're proud to offer this ground-breaking technology to AFL and Fox Footy supporters."

Real-time game data is transmitted via a mobile Bluetooth app (available on IOS and Android) to the electronics inside the shirt. The Alert Shirt converts this data into powerful sensations that simulates the live sporting contest. The shirt can be used during live games shown on FOX FOOTY and FOX FOOTY HD on Foxtel.

The product development process saw CHE Proximity and wearable technology experts We:Ex working closely with AFL captains, Scott Pendlebury of Collingwood, Luke Hodge of Hawthorn and Trent Cotchin of Richmond, to get a deep understanding of how the body feels during key moments of the professional game.

Says Hodge: "The good thing about the Alert Shirt is now people at home will be able to feel the impact of what players feel on the ground."

The Alert Shirt is available to AFL club members who purchase Foxtel and loyal Foxtel fans. It will be launched online with videos of Scott Pendlebury, Luke Hodge and Trent Cotchin demonstrating some of the behind the scenes R&D.

Client: Foxtel
Ed Smith, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing
Jesse Stephens, Head of Acquisition Marketing
Emma Lambourne, Acquisition Marketing Manager
Tara Langtry, Acquisition Marketing Executive
Agency: CHE Proximity
Leon Wilson, Executive Creative Director
Sam Harris, Copywriter
Tom Wenborn, Art Director
Sam Maguinness, Head of Digital Craft
Tom Lear, Digital Designer
Tony Chilvers, Planning Director - Interactive
James Needham, Planning Director - Brand
Elizabeth Bierre, Senior Account Director
Shannon Mason, Senior Account Manager
Josh Armstrong, Senior Account Manager
Richard Taylor, Head of Digital Creation
Di Nash, Head of TV Production
Production Partner: Wearabl


Too little too late said:

Sorry Clems, this is the first piece of all right work you've done on Foxtel, but it's not going to save the business.

The Galloping Gasometer said:

Show me a footy fan that wouldn't love this.

RM said:

Great idea if it actually works. If it's anything like the rest of Foxtel it won't

no said:

What a disgraceful copy of Durex Fundawear. They even used the same designer & technologist! There's imitation & then there's plagiarism.

Adam said:

The adult film industry should combine this with Google Glass.

Please... said:

How is this a rip off of fundawear? Virtual sex suits have been around for decades. At least this takes the technology and evolves it, and has an actual idea underpinning it (get closer to the action).

Jack said:

Not bad. Would be cool if it have you more experiences like a players point of view etc.

Blow my socks off said:

The most surprising thing about this is CHE is actually promoting some work. The second most surprising thing is that it's not a terrible pun ridden Mazda commercial.

Contagious said:

Its not a Fundawear rip off, rather a rip off of the Ogilvy Argentina idea for men experience what its like to feel an unborn baby's kick.

Its nice though.

aNoNymis said:

How long until I hack this as a pair of undies?

Nice said:

I like.

coach said:

There'll be a lot of Supercoach fans out there like myself that will understand how much fun this will be if it works from Champion Data stats

Fundawhat? said:

Unlike Fundawear, at least this is a real product people can buy.

Wake me when it's over... said:

Foxtel. Gone! This is okay but a lot of effort for a pretty banal idea.

Game time. said:

The game is exiting enough! Who would wear this thing really?

Old CD Guy said:

An April Fool stunt , however elaborate, should

(a) Not look like an April Fool stunt

(b) Occur on April 1.

LOL@OCG said:

When the old bloke thinks the digital idea is an April fools gag you should
A: know it's a good digital idea
B: dread getting old

TipTop said:

This is great guys, well done

Jason Kent said:

This makes My 🐓 hard

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