Leo Burnett Sydney leads Aussie agency pack in Adfest's finalist round with 42 entries shortlisted

SWM.jpgLeo Burnett Sydney has dominated the finalist stage at Adfest 2014 with a whopping 42 entries shortlisted. Coming in at equal second is George Patterson Y&R with six shortlisted entries as well as McCann Melbourne, also with six.

Other Australian agencies who have made the cut at the shortlist round include Innocean Australia, JWT Sydney, MercerBell, Finch/Havas Sydney/Red Agency, Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Whybin\TBWA Melbourne, Clemenger Brisbane, Block Perth, Whybin\TBWA Sydney. Australian production companies who have made the finalist stage include Finch, who lead with four entries shortlisted, followed by Exit Films, Fin Design + Effects and Alt.VFX all with three entries and Nylon Studios with two and Mr Smith with one entry making the cut.



yawn said:

The vending machine idea that was done by google re-brief 2 years before continues to win awards…..zzzzzzz

credit where credits due said:

Well done Leo's. 42 finalists across several projects is a massive effort.

biggestawardsbudgetwins said:

well done for having the biggest awards budget Leo's.

Leo Account Exec said:

42 finalists?

At least 42 entries.

I get paid 40k.

How about a raise next time.

Mike said:

Cool. Was there any real work?

Spend wisely said:

Could've taken the whole Creative Dept to Rockpool Bar and Grill once a quarter for that.

Probably have more PR value...

Supporting Aussie Success. said:

42 finalist is more finalist than most agencies will receive in 5-10 years, in fact some will never get that many, so I don't blame the jealousy from those small minded bitter people.
Well done Leo's. World class work for world class clients.

Seriously said:

Leo's should train their brain to not be so obsessed with awards. Seriously, your corporate ego is way out of control.

42 entries!! How much did that cost? Can someone enlighten us?

Fee as a bird said:

If they are like us, 'worldwide' will pick up award fees for promising work. Or more often, for promising 'work'.

Richard said:

As long as work that is made for the sole purpose of entry into award shows, this industry will continue to be laughed at.
Honestly, who do they think they're kidding?

what the birdy said said:

@ fee as a bird, exactly what happens at our agency too. Do great work, and global will reward you sometimes with its submission.
It just amazes me how everyone seems to event new ways to bring great agencies down. Especially Leo's. People can't knock their creative capabilities so they are now giving them shit for the amount of entries and the cost of it? Wow, that's desperate jealousy. I wish my agency was capable of having enough good work to enter in so many categories. Realistically not many can say they do.
Dumb ways to die was entered in just about every category at every award show (even ones I've never heard of) and no one ever questioned that.
Well done Leo's. Keep up the great work.

Reality said:

@yawn Watch the case study instead of just judging from the pic you see. Two very different ideas that both just happen to use a "vending machine" icon.

@Richard If it's bought by a client and run by that client, what's the issue? Plenty of industries do worse: Fashion houses parade clothes on their catwalks that no one ever buys or wears. Wine makers enter bottles made and tested specifically for award judge palates. Painters enter work into the Archibald that was never commissioned by anyone ... need I go on?

Your client said:

This industry is becoming a parody of itself

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