Data is the new rich in Telecom's latest 'Giganaire' campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand

Giganaire 1 LR.jpgFollowing Telecom New Zealand's announcement that it will be offering customers Unlimited Broadband Data plans, Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a new creative campaign 'Giganaire'.
Created from the insight that data is now the new 'rich' for many New Zealanders, the campaign, which first aired on Sunday night as a 2.30 roadblock TVC, is a playful look at the ways in which our data needs have evolved.

Giganaire 2 LR.jpgThe term 'Giganaire' was coined by Saatchi & Saatchi creative director Slade Gill. It is defined as someone who is rolling in data or gigabytes. Somebody who lives the digital high life through a never-ending flow of connections and cultural content.
Says Gill: "No matter who you are, or where you live, access to more data leaves you feeling super flush. It's the best kind of freedom. So we thought we'd play off that insight, using a genre that is synonymous with flaunting your wealth and living it up.
"With content-rich applications like Spotify, OnDemand and Skype now becoming life essentials, access to data has become a modern day form of 'keeping up with the Joneses'."
Giganaire 4 LR.jpgSays Jason Paris, COO of Telecom Retail: "We're seeing demand for fixed broadband data increase at around 80-90% year-on-year, as New Zealanders fundamentally change how they live to do more and more online. Many of our customers are now doing everything online, from watching TV shows to playing games with friends to shopping to talking to Gran. This means for the average Kiwi data is an increasingly valued commodity - the new "rich" you could say." 

The rap is the creative collaboration between Manu Walters and Eden Jouavel of the Super Villains and Slade Gill and Brad Collett of Saatchi & Saatchi.

The campaign will run as a 60" and 30" TVC as well as pre-rolls, radio, OOH and digital. 

Telecom New Zealand
COO of Telecom Retail: Jason Paris
Communications Manager: Daimler Teves
Communications Executive: Nikora Walters
Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas
Creative Director: Slade Gill
Creative Group Head: Brad Collett
TV Producer: Anna Kennedy
Business Director: Ben Fielding
Account Director: Anastasia Potter
Planner: Janisa Parag
Studio Manager: Tias Somers
Senior Designer: Rob Flynn
Production Company: Curious
Director: Robin Walters
Producer: Dan Higgins
DOP: Chris Mauger
Editor: Luke Haigh
Grade: Pete Ritchie
Online: Mike Robinson
Music: Manu Walters & Eden Jouavel
Mastering: Peter Van Der Fluit, Manu Walters, Eden Jouavel
Sound Studio: Liquid Studios
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Casting: Catch Casting


bobthebuilder said:


chad said:

well the youtube comments pretty much sum up how embarrassing this ad is

Greidy said:

Lovely thought and film.

Didn't deserve the over-explanatory PR story.

Awesome said:

Just is
Love it

YOUSE... said:


Yo Mamma said:

This is the BOMB - fo Shizzle

Fly said:

Quite well shot, but totally unoriginal. Give me 5 cent from Virgin, Tea Partay or any of the dozens of hip-hop styled commercials that have come before it any day.

Not so fly said:

Don't believe the hype! Nice work g's.

lostintranslation said:

Yea..."dont believe the hype"...what that the general audience on Youtube all think it's crap? So the people Telecom are trying to talk to don't matter...yea, ok, makes sense...NOT.

Giga Gran said:

This is, without doubt, the best add on TV, it's fun, it's clever and it gets the point across. Instead of turning off the ads as I always do, I turn this one up loud and enjoy it immenslely.

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