Hallmark recruits American Authors for surprise Mother's Day activation via Naked Melbourne

Hallmark Card Concert.jpgOver 200 Australian teens from all around Australia turned up to Luna Park last Thursday night to experience the chart-topping American Authors perform live - and unexpectedly found themselves writing Mother's Day cards in activation via Naked Communications, Melbourne.

Hallmark, in partnership with NOVA Entertainment and Universal Music Brand Partnerships, hosted an American Authors live performance at Luna Park. An hour before the US band were due to perform tracks from their brand new album 'Oh, What A Life', fans were advised entry would be gained only by writing and sending a Mother's Day card.
Hallmark and American Authors.jpgThe card would be perfected using a new digital tool developed by Hallmark called Hallmark Helper. Hallmark Helper is designed to help people express themselves beautifully by matching cards from the extensive Hallmark range to their loved ones, and finding tailored inspirational quotes and words.

Says Estherina Daniel, head of brand at Hallmark: "For over 100 years, Hallmark has been passionate about helping people make stronger emotional connections with the people they love. That's why we've developed the Hallmark Helper. The Hallmark Helper is designed to help Australians find the perfect card for their loved ones, and to help them express how they feel about them beautifully. And who better to test it with than the toughest audience of all when it comes to telling people how they feel - teenagers."

The Hallmark Card Concert was devised as the ultimate test for this new range of Hallmark tools. Teenagers, who had received tickets to the exclusive gig at Luna Park got to use the tools to help them do one of the things they find hardest, say how they really feel about their Mums this Mother's Day.

Says Tristan Graham, creative director of Naked Melbourne: "We considered a traditional campaign to educate Aussie teens but we knew that they just wouldn't respond to advertisers telling them what to do.

"The event definitely surprised American Authors fans, but it really was a win-win situation. The teens attending didn't mind having to send a Mother's Day card if it was their ticket in to see their favourite band and Mums around Australia will receive a heartfelt card in the mail as a result of the Hallmark Card Concert."


Retailer said:

Did bribery really change purchase behaviour or is Hallmark going to include a concert ticket with every card sold from now on. I’ve seen the cost of their cards it’s entirely possible.

I don't believe the method of picking a card is the consumer issue here. I think people (at least this demographic) don't see the relevancy of a folded piece of card sent by mail.

monnic said:

Hallmark cards are so yesterday

Iwasthere said:

I thought the messages that you could choose to use in the cards we had to write were really lame and really impersonal. I mean cmon... we need an app now to help us find something to write to our mother in their mother's day card?

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