Hell Pizza launches rabbit skin billboard to mark its new Rabbit Pizza via Barnes, Catmur & Friends

HELL_RABBIT_MASTERsmall.jpgThis Easter, Hell via agency Barnes Catmur & Friends, are releasing a pizza made with gourmet rabbit meat.

To show how much they care about real ingredients, and to give the Internet something to complain about, they're launching it with a billboard made entirely out of leftover rabbit skins. Just because you're evil, doesn't make waste okay.


ECD: Paul Catmur
ECD: Daniel Barnes
Creatives: Rob Longuet-Higgins, Rob Cook, Bradley Stratton
Producer: Shayna Armstrong
Account director: Jo Cheyne, Meredith Maclean, Luke Farmer
Production company: Juggernaut - Rob Malone
Tanner: Animal Skin Tanning Services Lt


Poes-bek said:

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I can take a dump on the client's boardroom table if I wanted to, but I don't. Just as that would be tasteless, so is this billboard. Talk about scarring kids for life. Karma guys karma.

Steve Dodds said:

Love it.

nah it's great. said:

perfect for easter

Wonderfully shocking said:

Shockingly wonderful.

Mephisto said:

Aw, all those cute bunny-wunnies.

Nooooo said:

This is so wrong, you heartless fools.

-GK said:

I hope the pizzas are made with better taste.

nice said:

in a sea of mundane, boring as bat shit advertising, its refreshing to see something that makes you look twice.


Come on... said:

In a world FULL of shitty dull wallpaper researched to death fucking rubbish insultingly stupid and bland advertising, at least this has some nuts. a point of view. and dares to provoke a reaction.

Why you'd be critical of this instead of the zillion of bland pieces of shit you'll drive past on your way home tonight is a mystery to me.

Hellish said:

Lazy creativity.
Rabbit skin billboard for a rabbit based product, this is something I'd expect from a junior suit at ad school.

TSW said:

Wickedly good

Bear said:

Love it.

Yum said:

I don't find it in poor taste, in fact I really don't have any interest in whether it tastes good either.

I just find it odd that you'd do something like this to sell a rabbit pizza. It's kind of like putting a picture of a little lamb on the outside of your lamb chops.

People just prefer to ignore where it came from and I don't think this will help.

Adam Ferrier said:

Wow. Just Wow.

I might be wrong, but said:

it makes me hate the brand.
(And think of the 90s)

twinkle said:

Ha ha - I like it. Makes me feel a bit ill, but I like it.

Really said:

Why is it important to say it's made of "real" rabbit. Is there a big "Faux" rabbit pizza problem?

Ozzi Aus-born said:

Amateur hour but hey, it's NZ. You guys love that hokey corny style of ad don't you all.

B L Zebub said:

It's all a bit obvious. As the real target audience is a Cannes Jury why not make Hell For Good?

SnM said:

Good to know. It would be a shame if the pizza had a Hare on it!

sad day to be called a madmen. said:

Ever wonder why people think advertising is evil? Basic human decency should have kicked in at some point. I am all for pushing the line but honestly this crosses it. Paul and his team are among the best in the businesses but sorry to say guys this leaves a very black mark on what has until now been a sterling career. This is human deification force into the public view. Sadly all in the hopes of making an easy buck.

Please redeem yourselves and take this trash down.

Chrissy said:

This is great! Now why not stick dead cows, sheep, pigs and chickens on burger billboards! At least it will let people know what they are eating..
Ew it's almost an ad AGAINST eating meat! Great!

Bee said:

I'm with Yum.

Don't mind that you used the rabbit pelts per se, just find it really unappealing in the ol' stomach region. Frankly, it's a bit gross.

Regarding some of the above comments, I really don't think anyone has room to get on their high horse unless you're strictly vegan. They didn't kill the rabbits just to make the billboard (did you?)

which one has mexamotosis? said:

Looks like an ad warning about a rabbit plague...doesn't leave a pleasant taste!

Hmmm... said:

The audience don't read finely worded PR releases, In the eyes of the audience, You fucking geniuses just killed a bunch of fucking poor fucking animals to try and win a bunch of trophies that aren't even made of real gold/silver/bronze.

Thank you advertising, for teaching our kids and teens and whoever else just how truly shitty this marketing can truly be. You crossed the line guys.

Just how big are there balls really? said:

What I really want to know is did Catmur Barnes suggest doing a rabbit pizza? It smells like an 'integrated idea'. And if so, it doesn't seem like they're owning up to that part of it. So did they? Are their hands clean? If not it only suggests to me that they're trying to distance themselves from their true evil genius. Being all to aware of the line that has been crossed.

I love how they're now trying to PR it like they're being sustainable.

Babble30 said:

This is fantastic execution from a brand that understands its audience. NZ audiences would appreciate this, as rabbits are both a delicacy that is entering mainstream, and a massive pest problem (particularly in the South Is). Once again, Hell moves the mark.

a rabbit eater said:

Once the meat is processed, most skins only end up buried in the ground or incinerated anyway. Seeing this might get people thinking how to best use all parts of the critters, afterall most of a rabbit parts can be useful. It's not like we are eating cats, dogs or forcing people to eat rats, something that is totally vermin.The meat could feed the world, and the skin can be put to use also. My only thought about the sign is if they ever get any rainfall there the whole thing will be a stinking mess, they will have spent thousands for pelts that might have been used elsewhere since tanning costs money. That is the only waste I see here.

I Eat Meat But I'm Against Killing Animals said:

Seriously? Everyone? I hope you're all vegetarian! If mass slaughter stopped tomorrow you would all have to kiss being meat eaters goodbye because you can't even handle the fact that meat comes from living breathing animals. Sorry pussies, suck it up - and be honest with your kids about what they're eating - but for you to eat that lovely roast other people keep those live animals in shitty non natural conditions (farms are just pretty prisons), force feed them drugs and unnatural food, slaughter them en mass, cover their bodies in chemicals, butcher them into pieces and pop them in tidy wee bloodless, faceless packets so you can pretend horrific crimes against other living creatures aren't being committed. How about go complain about that?

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