Moccona awakens something special in latest campaign shot in Rome via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

SL1319_60_sleepingBeauty  10.jpgMoccona has launched 'Awaken', a new breakfast blend with a M&C Saatchi-created campaign that invites customers to 'Wake up to something special".

Like its predecessors, this campaign indulges in a special Moccona moment. In this instance, it's that precious time between waking and getting on with your day when you savour your first coffee.

Shot entirely on location in Rome, the spot evokes a 'Sleeping Beauty' type fairytale that reflects Moccona's European heritage and light-hearted romantic approach.

The campaign includes a 45 and 30 second TVCs and a 60-second cinema spot.

The commercial's lead actor was flown in from Italy to introduce 'Awaken' at a Moccona breakfast event at Uccello Restaurant in Sydney's Ivy last week.

The Moccona Master Brewer and 'Awaken' creator was also on hand to keep the brews flowing and take guests through the thinking and process behind the new morning blend at the event organized by M&C Saatchi's PR company BangPR.

Says marketing director Rena Chatterjee: "We want to remind Australians to start their day with a great cup of coffee. M&C Saatchi have done a great job of bringing this to life with the Sleeping Beauty ad."

Says M&C Saatchi executive creative director Ben Welsh: "It's great to do some good old fashioned story telling, particularly when you can capture the authenticity of character and place like this. Thank you Rena."
Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Writer: Lizzie O'Hara-Boyce
Art Director: Paul Gregson
Group Account Director: Yash Gandhi
Senior Account Manager: Angela Smith
Head of Television and Content: Rod James
Director: Tracey Rowe
Producer: Bonnie Fay
Production Company: Window Productions
Rome Production Company: CineRoma

Marketing Director: Rena Chatterjee
Group Brand Manager: Megan Farquhar
Brand Manager: Tiana Handel


Maestro said:

Music is an incredibly powerful thing. Put an inappropriate track like this one onto your ad and you get a twee piece of unwatchable fluff. This is not a bad idea but the execution has done it no justice.

I like it said:

I reckon it evokes the mood just nice.

Frenchie said:

Moccona ads are consistent and beautifully shot. Well done guys.

Nice one said:

Beautifully shot nice work M&C and Tracey Rowe.

Yum yum said:

Lovely spot, and I wouldn't mind being woken up to something special from that Italian man.

Heather said:

I like it! Simple & beautiful. A great addition to the Moccona TVCs

crazygringo said:

Nice story. Shot beautifully. Well done M&C.

Stunning! said:

What a simple idea, beautifully executed. Well done! Wish I could go to Rome for a shoot!

Yolanda Squatpump said:

Predictable "emotional" piano score that doesn't really do it. Leaves you a bit "Meh". And then to top it off with a Lee Perry VO - just just lazy. After you've been to the trouble to shoot such a great film why ruin it with such a dreary, lazy, predictable soundtrack. Ben you should know better - must try harder.

Bertrand said:

The music was composed for Moccona.It is signature piece that has accompanied the Moccona commercials for over 6 years.Most people love it,not surprisingl.
So Yolanda,don't just squat on that pump, sit on it.

Bodfish said:

A simple idea beautifully brought to life. Well done to all involved

yeahnah said:

half the spot seems to be an old man messing about with his cock

Emile said:

This is a lovely tvc. Well done to all.

he said:

cinematic, visual storytelling, love it!

Someone not from M&C... said:

...wants to know whether all the blatant self-promotion helps you enter a state of self denial that allows you to sleep at night. Keep up the mental gymnastics boys, you're only fooling yourselves.

Prince Charming said:

Italian Stereotypes, a 'borrowed' Fairy Tale, a heritage track and a junket.
This is the future of advertising, right here folks.
Which part did the creatives come up with again?
Words 'cinematic', 'beautiful' and 'storytelling' simply reveal that you are in the building with the makers - sycophants.
This is dross.

confused said:

prefer the other ones!

Take-out said:

Rohypnol can be overcome by coffee.

Victoria Cooper said:

I drink moccona coffee all the time, & have done for years. Please stop showing this ad over and over again, sometimes twice in the same block. I feel it might be time for a change in brands it is so frustrating.

colin said:

Accordionist seen but not heard !?

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