New 'Alive with Pride' campaign via iris Worldwide Sydney tells the stories behind the 2014 adidas Investec Super Rugby jerseys for NZ

IOS_Adidas_aliveWithPride_title.jpgIris Worldwide Sydney has brought the culture and passion of New Zealand regions to life in a campaign for adidas with the release of the 2014 season Investec Super Rugby team jerseys.

The Alive With Pride campaign gives the humble jersey a far richer meaning through a series of collectable posters designed by selected New Zealand artists by delving deeper into the stories behind the teams and the cultural significance of their origins.

IOS_Adidas_aliveWithPride_01.jpgAt the heart of each artwork is the original adidas jersey design - a centrepiece from which a story evolves, building on the rich history behind each design.

Says Adam Daysh, marketing manager for adidas New Zealand: "By adding value with the bigger story of history and meaning behind traditional symbolism, the pride of both players and fans alike extends far beyond the pitch and into the heartland of the provinces."

Online content created in partnership with New Zealand-based production company Augusto features the players themselves sharing their connection to the region and more importantly their commitment to their team and fans.

Iris Sydney's executive creative director Mike Spirkovski said outwardly it appeared to be a simple story but that it reflected a far greater significance.

Says Spirkovski: "The artists' designs reach far back in to the town, the land and the history of place. Rugby is entrenched in the New Zealand psyche in a deeply cultural way. We worked incredibly hard and with due diligence to make this campaign meaningful to the teams, their fans and adidas."

Limited edition posters of the striking designs are given as a gift with each jersey purchased.

Agency, iris Worldwide Sydney
Penny Dixon, Managing Director
Mike Spirkovski, Executive Creative Director
Phil Shearer, Copywriter
James Griffiths, Art Director
Roger Dore, Producer
David Fleming, Designer
Josh Penno, Finished Artist
Dan Pankraz, Regional Strategic Director
Angie Laxton, Group Account Director
Courtney Borg, Account Executive
Adam Daysh, Marketing Manager, adidas New Zealand
Blues - Tony Graystone
Chiefs - Leon Kipa
Hurricanes - Liam Gerrard
Crusaders - Joel Hart
Highlanders - Sarah Larnach
Agent/Producer - Rob Finn
Poduction Company, Augusto
Michelle Walshe, Director
Rob Malloch, Account Director
David Cameron, D.O.P
Motion Graphics Design; Tany Caseanu & Shaun Madgwick
Mariano Segedin, Editor
Rebecca Richardson, Producer
Gabe Mueller, Sound


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