Nylon Studios Sydney inspires Corona Extra to drift away in the latest spot via Cramer Krasselt

corona shoes.jpgAward winning sound house Nylon Studios Sydney has recently completed the soundtrack for Corona Extra's latest spot 'Shoes' via agency Cramer Krasselt.

Highlighting the carefree nature of summer, the studio produced track 'Drifting Days' to reflect a universal love of summer using a contemporary band sound with dreamy effected guitars and lyrics that underpin the joys of summer freedom; that floating feeling when all your cares just drift away.

Nylon Studios director of music Mark Beckhaus worked alongside in-house composer Guy Brown (frontman of rising Aussie band The Mammals) to create a track that felt legitimately lifted from a record album. In fact, Beckhaus worked with Brown and other members of the Nylon Sydney team to create an actual in-house band, Pocket Submarine, specifically for this recording.

The results and feedback on the track have been so positive that Pocket Submarine is currently working on more tracks to follow-up on the success of 'Drifting Days'.

Says Beckhaus: "We are privileged to have Guy Brown from The Mammals as one of our in-house composers in Sydney and Guy is currently having a lot of success with his band in Australia, as he's such an amazing songwriter."

Fortunately for Nylon Studios, the agency immediately responded to the track.

Says Beckhaus: "Very occasionally tracks come by that people get excited by from first version and this was one of them. It was great as there were no revisions and the response ever since has been amazing."

Agency: Cramer Krasselt
CCO: Marshall Ross
ECD: Derek Green
GCG: Derek Sherman
CD: Adam Grint
Copywriter: Kris Kennedy
Art Director: John Nussbaum
EP: Scott McBurnie
Group Account Director: Renee Chez
Management Supervisor: Paul Elam
Account Supervisor: Kaya Much
Account Executive: Brittany Saito
Director: Todd Field
Production Company: Smuggler
Post Production: The WhiteHouse, Chicago
Editor: John Smith
Post Production: The Mill, Chicago
Music: Nylon Studios


Ann said:

Great backdrop, for a drop

PooDoggie said:

At first I thought this was a song by Ween -it sounds a lot like their music!

Wordpuppet said:

PooDoggie I thought the exact same thing.

E said:

Interesting....2 women walking towards a guy and the message is 'Find your beach'

JoshC said:

Please get drifting days on iTunes!!!!! Absolutely wonderful tune. Could be the 2014 summer song

Eric M said:

Such a great song yet i cant seem to find it anywhere to download it.

Aqualung said:

Borrows from "Brighter than Sunshine" pretty heavily, but it's all good - they definitely added something of their own.

LyricsMan said:

what a view when you're walking over here, you know,
all the problems in the world just disapear
Ill go anywhere you know I'm searching for a way, you know
just to find you and to keep you by my side

drift down, we can stay
I got a feeling that we'll find those better days
oh if you take me there
its so profound don't you feel it too
the love that drifts around
oh don't you know its true

all the days in the week just disapear, you know
and the time to me it just isn't clear, and I go
on and on like the rhythm of the tide, I know
all that matters is you're with me by my side

Lisa Miller said:

I love this song (Drifting Days by Pocket Submarine). Is there any way that I can buy it? It's not in the iTunes Store and it apparently made and played for the Corona commercial. I can't even look up the group. It's like they formed a group, made the song, performed it for Corona and then disappeared.

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