QLife helps improve quality of life for LGBTI community with new campaign via Frost*

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.58.32 am.jpgFrost* has created a new brand identity and launch advertising campaign for a national telephone counselling service focussing on early intervention for mental health issues experienced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Australians.
The work, which was won via competitive pitch, has been commissioned by Twenty10 on behalf of The National LGBTI Health Alliance, the national peak body of organisations and individuals working together to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTI people. QLife is a national project headed by the Alliance in partnership with state-based LGBTI counselling services in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA.

Qlife.jpgThe win comes off the back of a host of highly successful campaigns created by Frost* which focus on health communications targeting the gay and lesbian community, including the Ending HIV campaigns for ACON and World AIDS Day.
For the telephone hotline, now operating under the umbrella brand QLife, Frost* has created a brand and design system that Qlife2.jpgcreates a positive brand image and demonstrates values of connection to community, health and wellbeing, peer based support, passion, approachability and inclusiveness.
The QLife brand name, deriving from the word Queer, and Life, which speaks to the positive health and wellbeing message of the service, is now supported by the Frost*-developed strapline, "Talk it Out".
Qlife3.jpgFor the logo, Frost* aimed to create a beacon, a real heart connection that brings Queer, a word that the LGBTI community have reclaimed and are proud of, to the forefront of what QLife is and strives to do. With this in mind, Frost* has made the letter Q the hero, keeping it front-and-centre on all communications and using it to help engage and support the LGBTI community. The letter Q becomes the canvas for QLife to tell its story. The mark can be used to house photography, pattern and colour, in a way that embraces the diversity of the community and feels vibrant, bold and positive.
The "Talk it Out" strapline was developed as both an embodiment of QLife's purpose - peer based support counselling and referrals for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people - and an opportunity for QLife to take ownership of the word 'out', a reference to the positive goal of being open with your sexuality and comfortable with yourself.
To launch the new brand and national service with the LGBTI community, Frost* has also created an integrated advertising campaign comprising cinema, radio, print, digital and outdoor executions for QLife. The campaign focuses on the concept of 'inner voices', using stream of consciousness dialogue of real stories to demonstrate the situations when QLife can help, and what it means to Talk it Out .

Using the experiences of real life users of the counseling services, the creative aims to make the service personable, and approachable. An easily digestible question and answer format headline, uses wit and insight to quickly communicate the types of help that QLife can provide.
Qlife5.jpgSays Vince Frost, founder and executive creative director of Frost*: "We believe that design has the power to transform lives in a positive way. We've been working for some time in this space and tone is very important here. QLife offers a vital service to a community of people that can find themselves incredibly vulnerable at certain periods in their lives. We hope this brand and campaign will work hard will deliver this Qlife8.jpgmessage to the people who need to hear it most."
Says Ross Jacobs, national clinical director at QLife: "Mental health and wellbeing is a real issue for LGBTI people and services to support this community, especially young or isolated people and those just coming out, are critically important. The brand and campaign work from Frost* has given us strong, cohesive, single-minded platform to reach people with our message of support. We're very excited to see this roll out and reach more people with our service."

Client: QLife
Creative Agency: Frost*
Executive Creative Director: Vince Frost
Creative Director: Ant Donovan
Design Director: Benjamin Hennessey
Account Director: Katherine Monk
Media Agencies: Pink Media Group / Universal Media
Cinema Production Company: Splice Films
Cinema Animation: Gary Nicholson
Radio and Cinema Sound Design: Dean Francis


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