Simon Veksner: The whole notion of 'target market' is basically just a sham

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.34.31 am.jpgBy Simon Veksner, Creative Director, DDB Sydney

Bob Hoffman, AKA The Ad Contrarian, is aghast that agencies never target older people. He points out that Americans over the age of 50 buy 62% of all new cars and 55% of consumer package goods. And yet, they are the target for only 5% of US advertising. READ ON...


Old CD Guy said:

Simon, I'm disappointed that you express such a shallow understanding of the issues. I hope there's a way of preventing DDB's clients from seeing this post. Have it removed immediately! On the question of 'mirroring the market' as someone once called the business of showing your target in the ad, that's just absurd. Surely it's about finding the best expression of the benefit of the product/brand, not showing the way it should be used in the hands of the consumer - and if possible not showing the consumer in the ad at all. I reckon you're thinking about this in the wrong way, coming from completely the wrong direction. Or are you just being a cheeky monkey and deliberately appearing silly to provoke discussion? If so, you've sucked me in. If not, today's mark 2/10.

phil said:

I think the alzheimers may finally be kicking in old CD guy. Maybe read the article again. I think what you're saying is exactly what Simon was saying in the article. Quote:
"And this surely has to be the answer. The goal here is to sell the product, and if the best way to do that doesn't involve showing the target market in the ad, then that's the way to go."

Rhys said:

@Old CD Guy,

Umm, I think you should read the article again.

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