The Feds director Ray Lawrence shoots new spots for the NSW Teachers Foundation

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 7.38.39 am.jpgLast year, the NSW Teachers Federation ventured into new territory for a union by creating two brand commercials (First Day and Last Day), aimed at improving the image of public school teachers and public education as a whole.

Such was the success of the first two ads (written by Jane Caro, art directed by John Greig and produced by Baz Milas), directed by Rumble's Ray Lawrence via The Feds, that the Teachers Federation has commissioned two more, also from the same creative team.

The Graduate looks at the long term impact a teacher can have on a child who has escaped terror and mayhem as a refugee and who needs patience, understanding and time to find her feet as a student.

The Apprentice looks at how a good teacher can inspire students to great heights and that success can be measured in many ways.
Says Lawrence: "Most everyone has had a 'teacher' who has made a difference in their life.
I certainly did, I was fortunate I had a few.
"They encouraged me, guided me, harnessing my enthusiasm, pushing me towards skills that I use to this day.
"I was educated in the public system, for which I will be forever grateful.
"A system that gives every child the chance to develop to their full potential, regardless of their circumstances.
"You would think that it would be obvious to everyone that this system is one of the most important cornerstones we have in our democracy, vital to our future as a nation. You would think that we would be celebrating such a system, supporting it as much as we possibly can.
"Yet of late, we seem to be taking it for granted, pulling it apart.
"How can we do this to the dedicated teachers, who work so hard supporting and guiding the most important people in our lives?
"My son in-law is a teacher in a Sydney public school. I know how hard he works and how much he loves his job and how unsupported he sometimes feels.
"So being asked to make these commercials has given me the opportunity to, in some small way, be part of reminding all the teachers that they are deeply appreciated and are making a great and important difference to the lives of our children and our society."

Says Johnny Green, Rumble creative director: "Right off the bat we knew this was going to be a special film. Hawa's story is one of inspiration and triumph through unimaginable hardship.

"The premise of this spot, directed by Ray Lawrence, is to bring to everyone's attention just how important the roles of our Teacher's are within our schools, universities and our societies. Without the love and devotion Hawa's primary school teacher devoted to her, shortly after immigrating to Australia, Hawa may not have had the same opportunities she does today, especially now as an honours graduate.

"When Michael Cook and Ray approached Rumble through Baz Milas, naturally we were excited about discussing how to execute the musical direction.

"Ray knew the music had to be performed on the Oud, a pair shaped, stringed folk instrument' originating from Northern Syria. Mesopotamia however widely used throughout the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East.

"Originally we tried sourcing an Oud performer from Somalia, This proved to be tricky in Australia. Through the help of Michal Chin & Richard Petkovic and the Cultural Arts collective we were able to source an Iranian Oud performer, named Mustafa Hadi Karame. Somali & Iranian scales and performance are virtually identical and thus added authenticity to the region of the world we wanted to place the viewer in. This was incredibly important to Ray. Under Ray's and my musical direction we achieved a minimal and beautifully haunting sound track to accompany Hawa's inspirational story. We hope you enjoy it."

Agency: Jara Consulting
CD & Writer: Jane Caro
Art Director: John Greig
Freelance Producer: Baz Milas
Production Company: The Feds
Director: Ray Lawrence
Producer: Michael Cook
DOP: James Cowley
Editor: Philip Horn
Production Designer: Margot Wilson
Sound Studio: Huzzah
Post Production: FSM
Music Composition Direction & Recording: Rumble


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Lovely work, congrats all.

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Gave me goosebumps … Beautiful story telling by Ray & Jane! Well done and thank you.

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Love this work.

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