Vodafone gives Aussies more of what they want in latest national campaign via Ogilvy, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 2.15.59 pm.jpgVodafone Australia has launched a new national campaign promoting its 96% population reach, lightning fast 4G and Galaxy S5 offer via Ogilvy, Sydney.

The campaign includes broadcast, digital and out of home as well as a 24-hour Facebook video campaign and a YouTube pre-roll campaign.

Says Jana Kotako, general manager brand, Vodafone Australia: "We want non customers to discover what's changed at Vodafone as we've got an amazing story to tell. Our new 4G network is lightning fast and our coverage now extends across 96% of all Australians. Our plans enable our customers to do more of what they love.... more surfing, tweeting, sharing, streaming and posting. So our new campaign is centred around giving our customers more of what they want.... more internet."

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creatives: Russell Smyth, Wellison D'Assuncao, Scott Mortimer, Brett Terblanche, Andrew Hankin
Digital Agency: DT
Media Agency: Bohemia
Production company: One20
Film production company: Finch
Director: Nick Ball


But, said:

That's not what I wanted.

warning: said:

best not watched on a big screen. look better on a phone.

Telstra said:

Sorry I wasn't listening. Did you see the monkey on the segway. Brilliant work. now what was the message? Vodafone has coverage in Rome? Cool.

RSPCA said:

Why doesn't the guy in the monkey suit have to wear a helmet?

Lance Chimp said:

If only they'd forked out for a real chimp this would have been likeable.

Fine Print said:

96% of all Australians. But still outrageously shit coverage across 96% of Australia.

? said:

Whats a 24 hour Facebook video campaign?

Bad said:

Whose the talent? The suit. Not the chimp.

You're Busted, Ogilvy said:

That chimp is eerily reminiscent of the recent New Zealand HiLix ad


Hokey Pokey!

Andre said:

Really liked this. Better than their last ad...
Voda covers 96% of Australians. I got it...

What 96% said:

I used to be with Vodafail - then I realised the 4% of Australians that they don't cover is the bit near the ear.

ouch said:

what a stinker

Vodafail said:

Great ad! Vodaphone networks is as fast as a Segway !! Lol

Bad again said:

The only thing good in this is the guy in the purple jacket! Rest is a boring crap ad! AGAIN!

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