CB Exclusive: Stuff Happens in latest spot for Optus breaking tonight via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

OPTUS-KITTENS.jpgCB Exclusive - Optus and their advertising agency, M&C Saatchi, are set to launch a new and inspiring integrated brand campaign on an unsuspecting Australia which will further build on Optus's brand positioning and its promise to Australia of "Yes".

The campaign launches with an epic production shot by Plaza Films' Paul Middleditch and finished by Sydney's Method Studios that features a certain Optus customer creating his own commercial on the fly - a commercial that features 80's Norwegian Power Pop, giant kittens, skydiving Elizabethans, and gratuitous helicopter shots - in Antarctica. 

Says M&C Saatchi's chief strategy officer Justin Graham: "Following on from the successful Optus rebrand last year, we've continued to work closely with the client to evolve the brand platform to engage existing and new customers with genuine innovations going on at Optus. They are constantly demonstrating an obsession with making products simpler and with the customer at the very centre. I think what they're doing is visionary for a Telco in this market, and there are more exciting things to come."

The campaign, Live More Yes! has been designed to capture both the spirit and the imagination of a Millennial audience and a call to arms, reigniting the Optus brand and creating a new and positive force that will get Australians to reappraise their current Telco provider.

Says creative director and writer Andy Flemming: "YES! has been an integral part of Optus for over twenty years and we all felt it was time to add another layer to it. Yes is such a powerful word. We say it when great things happen - a goal going in or your favourite song being played at a gig. So Optus saying 'Yes' all the way through the launch commercial just felt right and great fun. And the fact that they said yes to making it, yes to Paul shooting it and yes to one of the all time great 80's songs as the soundtrack shows the energy, trust and commitment Optus have to the campaign being not only enjoyable to watch, but backed up with a plethora of reasons that demonstrate exactly HOW they're delivering on the YES! promise. It's been a pleasure working on it with them."

"Yes has always been our ethos and now we're amping it up because life's better when there's more of it," said Nathan Rosenberg, head of brand, Optus. "This year we're going to show more people why Optus is the right choice for them in a truly different way. With our awesome network, simple and great value new products and brilliant service, you can Live More Yes! everyday."

The campaign launches everywhere tonight.

Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh.
CD/Writer: Andy Flemming
CD/ Art Director: Chris Little
Director: Paul Middleditch
Producer: Pete Masterton
Agency Producer: Loren August
Chief Planning Officer: Justin Graham
Group Head: Chiquita King
Senior Account Director: Tara Goh
Finishing: Method, Sydney
Editing: The Editors
Sound: Sound Reservoir


yes said:

YES is a great property and part of Optus' DNA. It has the capacity to do for Optus what CAN has done or CommBank - provide a positive 'can do' foundation to any marcoms campaign externally, but, just as importantly, internally. Never underestimate the positive impact campaigns such as CAN and YES have on`a company and its staff.

caroline said:

Awesome! Nice one Andy and co.

That's one big ad by the big ad specialist !!!!!

matt said:

Great spot. And funny too. Who is the guy?

Nice said:

Confident, powerful, relevant, exciting, inciting, boom.

Really? said:

The Yes! Bit is good, the TV bit is rubbish.

So many better ways to do this for millenials!

Hmmm said:

M&C done commenting?

Hmmm said:

Strategy sounds good but the post on that launch spot looks fake and the weirdo little Irish guy will get really annoying once they hit 2+

Sorry what is this about? said:

You start saying by saying that you are telling us what YES is about... I'm confused i'm not sure what the promise or YES is?
I'm sure your competitors will be saying 'Thanks' once again.

nice. said:

Well done all the M&C crew.

Nobody does the big brand stuff quite like them.

I should know, we lost a huge pitch against them recently.

I'm positive said:


MJ said:

Good work Mr Flemming. A rather nice ad and The Hoff in one day. See you at the football !

Karim Benzema said:

Big Ad? Big let down! Looks bad on every level!!!

Having fun said:

Refreshing to see a telco have some fun for once. Love the tone of this. Good call by Optus.

One Direction said:

Lovely work Mr Middleditch.

Like it said:

Love it. Entertaining. How many ads do that these days? Not many.

Huh said:

I didn't even smile.
So many forced 'cray cray random lols' that it feels like someones daggy uncle made it.

Yes? Nope.

Whoa said:

Isn't the new Vodafone positioning "Live More Internet"?

And now Optus is doing "Live More Yes"?

Surely we can do better than this...

knobby said:

Middleditch and Fleming that's scary.Nice work boys.

02 said:

Feels like a similar Ad to O2 ' Be more Dog' - oh well they do say their is little originality left in creative now days...

Not from the M&C Cheer Squad said:


Meow said:


Worzel Gummidge said:

I've got a 'one word campaign idea' for the work of M@C -

Boringderivativec*nts (#, .com etc)

No surprises there then... said:

@Worzel Gummidge you are a jealous douche bag.

It's a simple idea, that's been well executed.

Cap doffed to one and all.

Emansee said:

What an unadulterated work of waffle and codswallop. Just horrible on all levels

yes said again said:

Anyone who follows M&C's work will understand that this is just the campaign launch. Like CAN, I bet YES will soon be rolled out in a thousand different ways and will permeate Optus advertising and internal comms/culture. It might be a bit old school, but it works!

Groucho said:

Great to see all the envious I've-never-done-anything-but-I'm-trying's bagging it because it's M&C S. Probably their best ever writing has gone into their posts. If you don't think this is good look for a proper job.

Yes, up to a point... said:

Would be more credible if they actually shot on location instead of undermining the whole ‘yes’ idea with badly comped together green screen fakery.

Yes! said:

Who's the guys in the commercial? I've seen him somewhere before and I wanna know who he is!

Spin said:

The name of the main guy in the ad is comedian Josh Thomas.

wannaknow said:

Who is the guy in the advert? Question has been asked a few times and no answer as yet.....frustrated....

Unoriginal by Old Spice said:

The period we are living in now will be known in the future as the "Old Spice Era"

Seriously, how many derivative regurgitations of Old Spice wackiness can there be?

gw said:

The spot is arrogant and flippant and ultimately let's the optus customer base know that no one is home in Brand.

Oz s second biggest telco now is being Branded like a forth rate candian phone company.

No animals...... just kittens. Ya right.

Bje said:

For such a renowned agency - which I have just stumbled upon.
It goes against everything your firm stands for.

"It is born from a deep dislike for vagueness and waffle."

That's exactly what this ad displays. The verbal may sound straightforward but the display is everything but to the point.

Jane said:

This ad is annoying as hell! He is unfunny and they ripped the kitten from The Goodies too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr6CyU-Ev_M)

His "Hey Sugar" ad line is also cringeworthy.

Can you please say "Yes" and make these ads stop Optus?

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