Tahiti Tourisme launches a new global brand positioning + identity via FutureBrand Australia

TahitiTourisme_Book_LR.jpgTahiti Tourisme has launched its new global brand positioning and identity for the Islands of Tahiti in Australia and simultaneously in 14 key markets across the world including USA, France, Italy and Japan via FutureBrand Australia.

It follows a comprehensive and strategic project led by Tahiti Tourisme, which recognised the challenges ahead and the need to stand out in the increasingly competitive world of global tourism.
TahitiTourisme_Brandmark_LR.jpgThe rebrand underlines how the Islands of Tahiti are one of the few places in the world that combine an authentic living culture with striking, untouched natural beauty and sophisticated luxury.

Says Anne-Sophie Lesur, chief executive officer of Tahiti Tourisme Board: "The core elements of the new brand approach, plus the visual elements which will TahitiTourisme_Brandmark1_LR.jpghelp us express our passion for French Polynesia, give us a platform to build a consistent story across all markets, informing and inspiring our target consumer and key audiences and partners alike. It marks a moment in time, in our story, where we look confidently towards the future and plan for it together with local industry, partners and government."

Says Sally McNeill, managing director of FutureBrand Australia, speaking of the work at the main presentation of the new brand in Los Angeles: "Through all our work in tourism and country branding, we know that the biggest challenge is the need to convey the authenticity of the destination without resorting to stereotypes and clichés. It is also important to ensure that a true and compelling positioning is developed that not only drives tourism but also has the power to create economic opportunity for that nation - delivering what the tourism industry needs now, as well as what society needs in the long term.

"To uncover the real insights, our team worked closely with the head office team in Pape'ete, collaborating with many local experts in tourism and hospitality, heritage and local culture".

A new brandmark has been created at the core of the visual identity, developed with a dual perspective so that it works for both the destination and the corporate entity of Tahiti Tourisme.

Says McNeill: "Inspired by our travels and research in the islands, the brandmark embodies the diversity and raw beauty of the landscape combined with a sense of the deep, rich culture and passion of its people. The meaning behind the considered treatment of the 'H' announcing 'Hiti' is very symbolic to the Tahitians as it means 'gateway', depicting the variety of multiple islands that comprise the entire territory of French Polynesia and forming the frontiers of the destination."

Building on the beauty and warmth found in the traditional craft of Tifaifai still practiced widely today, the visual identity system incorporates patterns and symbols from iconic plants and flowers found across the islands. The corporate graphic depicted in the symbolic 'tattoo blue' of the brandmark is combined with the elegance of white, core colours within the system. Of great importance is the new approach to photography supported by a broad colour palette, reflecting the diversity of the islands and the strategic story.

TahitiTourisme_Brochure_LR.jpgThe new identity encourages audiences to consider the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the picture-perfect postcard; the beauty of the powerful and profound impact that the land and people can have on those who visit. It sets the scene for more in-depth storytelling and cultivates a curiosity to visit and experience the different islands on a journey of discovery, renewal and TahitiTourisme_Folder_LR.jpgpersonal and sensorial rejuvenation.

Minister of Tourism Geffry Salmon said the repositioning of the destination was intended to drive tourism and also create economic opportunity for the nation through investment and trade.

Says Salmon: "Throughout this project it has been important that the authenticity and passion of French Polynesia is reflected and captured appropriately. Tahiti Tourisme's new brand identity, and that of the destination of our Islands, is a celebration of the place, the people, its history and of course its future."

Says Richard Curtis, chief executive officer of FutureBrand Australia: "Country and destination branding is a real passion and expertise for FutureBrand globally. Having the opportunity to work with organisations like Tahiti Tourisme, who also share our vision to create a more positive future, is an essential part of how we are able to create powerful and effective brands."

The new identity is being rolled out in full over the remainder of this year across website and collateral materials, as well as a refresh of the advertising and activations over the next 12 months.

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