Westpac says 'Don't lose it when you lose it' in new Emergency Cash spot via DDB Australia

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.59.03 pm.jpgWestpac is set to launch a new campaign tonight via DDB Australia telling Aussies 'Don't lose it when you lose it'.

There's nothing more annoying than losing your wallet. At least that used to be the Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.59.10 pm.jpgcase.
Westpac has just released a service that takes the sting out of one of life's biggest pains, called Westpac Emergency Cash. Lost your wallet? Simply call the bank, explain your predicament and you'll be given a code to withdraw money from a Westpac ATM without needing a debit card.

The new campaign brings this game-changing technology to life by focussing on the emotional spiral people usually go through when they've misplaced their wallet. Unless they're with Westpac.
Says Lisa Ronson, Head of Mass Marketing Services: "Westpac Emergency Cash is the latest in a series of innovations and services designed to help our customers in those moments when they need us most. This campaign dramatises those situations and demonstrates how Westpac can help."
Says Andrew Little, managing director, DDB Australia, "This is another great proof point from the Westpac team. It makes our life easy when we have brilliant product and marketing teams creating innovation like this. Losing your wallet or leaving it at home is a nightmare no longer."
DDB Melbourne executive creative director Darren Spiller said they wanted to dramatise the new service by focussing on the emotional roller-coaster we feel when we can't find our wallets.

Says Spiller: "It's a spiral we all know too well. The crazed patting down of pockets, the self-loathing, the atomic out-pouring of anger... losing your wallet sucks. But for Westpac customers it now sucks a little less."
The TVC was shot by Finch's Christopher Riggert. The broader campaign will play out across mainstream, digital and social channels over the coming weeks.
Agency: DDB Melbourne
Darren Spiller - Executive Creative Director
Glen Dickson - Creative Director
Robbie Brammall - Senior Copywriter
Jo Alach - Senior Agency Producer
Simon Thomas - Head of Broadcast
Andrew Little - Managing Director
Mandy Whatson - Managing Partner
Matty Graham - Business Director
Jonathan Hiley - Business Coordinator
Anna Bollinger - Planning Director
Production Company - Finch
Director - Christopher Riggert
Producer - Camilla Dehnert 
DOP - Jeremy Rouse
Editing Company - The Editors
Grade -  Edel Rafferty (Method Studios)
Online - Jamie Scott (Method Studios)
Music Supervision - Level Two Music
Music/Artist/Title - Luke Temple "You belong to Heaven"
Sound Mix - Paul LeCouteur, Flagstaff Studios
Client: Westpac
Lisa Ronson - Head of Mass Marketing Services
Susan Coghill - Head of Advertising
Emma Mahon - Senior Advertising Manager
Tim Barrett - Advertising Consultant 


Mr B said:

What a dirge.Never thought it would end.Then they cram all the stuff the client wanted(and was probably right)into the end via some dated Thomas Crown Affair boxes.Lazy,indulgent stuff.

Pete said:

Another good spot from Westpac. Not sure what's changed at Westpac but it seems they want to stand for something and build their brand, which is more than i can say for the others.

Mr Happy said:

Mr B, you, my friend, are a durge.

Bit long said:

The product idea - which is great - is in danger of getting lost from
too many scenes and taking too long to get there. Make a great 15 sec
campaign.. Frustration then solution. Get in get out. It just doesn't need
to be this long and tortured.

Punter said:

Well cast, well shot, well done. Made me chuckle.

But... said:

Emergency cash won't help you when you're stuck at a ticket gate.

Or sitting in a cab.

Or at school.

Or have the bill in your hand at a restaurant.

Yeah nuh! said:

Good campaign but far too long. A great product idea is getting lost. Make a great 15 sec campaign. Frustration. Solution. Get in, get out. It doesn't have to be any harder than that. Pity, because theres a really great punchy campaign waiting to jump out of this.

Fat Cat said:

Even for me this campaign is nothing more than indulgent twaddle.

Very very tired style of ad.

It has a positively somnolent effect on me too.

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