Whybin\TBWA Sydney makes 2014 Innovation Lions shortlist for NRMA's 'Virtual Crash Test'

NRMA-CCS-VR-Crash-Close-up.jpgCannes Lions delegates will have the unique chance to join the Innovation Lions jury as they watch and deliberate on the presentations of the shortlisted entrants as they take to the stage to showcase their ideas, including Australian agency Whybin\TBWA which has been shortlisted for NRMA's 'Virtual Crash Test'.

The NRMA Crash Test Drive was a unique element of the Crashed Car Showroom initiative, an interactive exhibition created by Whybin\TBWA Sydney, Digital Arts Network, Eleven PR and Alfred to raise awareness about the importance of road safety and help Australians make informed car purchasing decisions. The Crash Test Drive element demonstrates what it's like to be a crash test dummy in a real crashed car powered by Oculus Rift, custom built hydraulics, Arduino and Unity - brought together by a team of coders and mechatronic engineers.

After two weeks housed on York Street in the Sydney CBD in March where it attracted thousands of visitors it quickly caught the attention of national and international media, it then began touring the country.

On Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 June, 30 shortlisted entrants - entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators - from 16 countries, will have just ten minutes to pitch their work with a follow-up ten minute Q&A with the Jury. The jury will then reconvene to discuss and award the highly sought after Innovation Lions which will be revealed on Saturday 21 June.

The Innovation Lions honour the breakthrough technology and innovation that allows brands, technologists and creatives to communicate with their customers in a new way, or might stand alone as significant innovations in their own right.

A total of 206 entries from 36 countries have been submitted to the Innovation Lions category this year. The 10-strong international jury chaired by Tom Bedecarré, chairman of AKQA and president, WPP Ventures, AKQA, have viewed and voted on all the entries during a first judging round, to reach the shortlist of 30.

Says Tom Bedecarré, jury president: "To inspire creative excellence in communications our industry increasingly needs to develop new technologies that provide brands and creative developers new ways to communicate. Innovation Lions will seek out new apps, tools, hardware, software and platforms that demonstrate how technology can push creative boundaries. I'm most excited about the live presentations on stage."

In addition to the live presentations, all the shortlisted entries will be exhibited at the festival in a dedicated area hosted by Intel. Throughout the week, technology and innovation experts will take to the stage to present the latest findings at a number of seminars, workshops, TechTalks and The Forum.
Cannes Lions, the home of great ideas that change the way brands interact with their customers, is the most prestigious and largest international annual advertising and brand marketing festival celebrating creative communications. Taking place 15-21 June 2014 in Cannes, France, as well as Innovation Lions, other awards categories are Branded Content & Entertainment, Creative Effectiveness, Cyber, Design, Direct, Film, Film Craft, Media, Outdoor, PR, Press, Promo & Activation, Radio and Titanium & Integrated Lions.

To register to attend, please visit www.canneslions.com.

Live presentations: Esterel Auditorium, 5th floor, Palais des Festivals
Innovation Lions Exhibition hosted by Intel: 3rd Floor, Palais des Festivals


Holy moly said:

Nice one. Only Aussie agency on the shortlist. Well done.

Hi said:

Have you guys seen the latest work out - this is nothing compared to the quad copter qr code reading 3d printing thingy

Googbye said:

@HI - Yes we've seen it, pretty funny isn't it? The difference is that this is real work for real clients that delivered real results. See instead of making spoof videos about the state of the industry, some of us are actually out writing great creative ideas, and are using technology in new ways to deliver fantastic results for our clients and new experiences for consumers. If you saw the thousands of people who stepped out of that crash simulator with huge smiles on their faces you would probably not bother with smart arse comments like this.

Dan said:

This has a legitimate idea, Hi. A showroom of annihilated cars for an insurance company.

@Goodbye said:

You sound like a barrel of laughs.

OneMoreThing said:

Staunch defence Googbye. But it is still, in essence, a PR idea rather than genuine innovation, isn't it? Well done on getting on the shortlist, but how many more lives could a real-world application like for example the Samsung Eyes on the Road app save if it was rolled out globally? I guess that is what the Cummins film was getting at.

one more thing more thing said:

If the eyes on the road app for Samsung was an innovation, then why is it not shortlisted for innovation?

Just a question.

As for this, it is a pretty tough category, no one thinks about safety when they buy a car, they get caught up in conversations about leather seats and sports packs.

If it gets some people to buy or at least think about safety features then that's not that bad I guess.

Both the Samsung and this at least try to tackle those problems in interesting ways, I think it's harsh to say it's just a PR idea, although it did get a lot of that.

answer said:

Samsung wasnt entered.

Novinnation said:

I wonder if RAC's Attention Powered Car out of JWT was entered in Innovation? Same idea, done differently

Other Aussies said:

Just FYI - there is another Aussie shortlisted for the Innovation Lion, the producer of the One Show and AICP winning "Project Daniel" is an Aussie - can't remember his name but met him at Creative Week in New York before they won Best in Show for design at the One Show.

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