AdRoll research reveals significant advertiser uptake of Facebook's mobile retargeting product

Retargeting_on_Facebook_by_the_Numbers.jpgAdRoll has released new research which reveals significant advertiser uptake of Facebook's mobile retargeting product across the world.
The findings directly support Facebook's emerging competitive position in the mobile market.
62 per cent ($US1.66bn) of Facebook's total advertising revenue for the recent quarter was contributed to by mobile. Additionally, eMarketer has projected Facebook will contribute 21.7% of the $31.5 billion mobile advertising market globally. Facebook's position is a result of its recent focus on mobile advertising. This is due to advertisers' rapid adoption of retargeting on Facebook over the past two years and the significant portion of customers being on mobile. Its app is on 3 out of every 4 smartphones.
At AdRoll, the introduction of mobile meant customers could access Facebook's mobile inventory and experience an expanded product offering that would help reach customers across online and desktop.

To therefore understand how advertisers were adopting mobile and the results this new piece of technology were bringing them, AdRoll conducted a comprehensive study.

The study analysed:
•             215 advertisers across the world that run Facebook retargeting campaigns on desktop, mobile and the web.
•             Data from over 800 million impressions between March and July, 2014

The key findings were:
•             Mobile adoption is growing and advertisers are seeing promising results
•             Mobile is proving to be a strong direct-response channel
•             News Feeds have high engagement, resulting in strong metrics
•             The most successful marketing strategy involves marketers taking advantage of all retargeting options across the different channels
The stats:
•             News feed advertising on mobile grew from 0% to 6.51%. Mobile ads now account for 8.25% of all news feed clicks
•             Mobile campaigns drive additional traffic and conversions - when adding mobile ad sizes, advertisers saw approximately 4% more impressions, 29% more clicks, and a 15% increase in conversions
•             Mobile is proving to be a strong direct-response channel. Newsfeed accounted for 60% of total Facebook spend in the study, with mobile ads generating 2x more clicks than Newsfeed ads on desktop
•             As a complementary channel, mobile adds an average 3.8% of incremental conversions to an existing retargeting mix of web and News Feed on desktop
•             Mobile is ideal for driving direct response through promotions and content marketing - by adding mobile to an existing retargeting mix, advertisers see on average 29% more clicks
•             By layering Newsfeed campaigns on desktop onto web retargeting, advertisers serve on average 5.7% more impressions and get an impressive 53% more clicks
·                The CPM cost of Newsfeed ad impressions on mobile is 57% lower than Newsfeed impressions on desktop, and generate a 10% higher CTR. This results in a 61% lower CPC for ads in the Newsfeed on mobile compared to the Newsfeed on desktop
•             Apparel, beauty, and technology industries are the quickest adopters of mobile ad sizes
For more stats and information, view the full report here.

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